ZEISS’s Wide-Angle ExoLens PRO – a review

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With Mobile photography going through a lot of innovations, the latest ExoLens PRO from ZEISS is certainly exciting.  ZEISS  renowned for its quality optics has come up with wide angle, telephoto, and macro lenses exclusively for mobiles. I had the pleasure to partner up my iPhone7plus with a wide angle ExoLens on my US trip. Loved the output and here are my two cents on it.

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This is definitely not a casual camera lens for photo enthusiasts. The wide angle ExoLens is for those who are serious about taking their mobile photography skills to next levels.

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The solid Aluminium body and the ultra clear glass give a robust touch to the kit. The focal length of the iPhone lens, which is around 28mm, gets widened to 17mm equivalent, offering the wide angle you always wanted. Compared to other iPhone camera lenses, which gives you unwanted vignettes, the ExoLens PRO system thrills you with almost no distortion. The mounting is a little tricky but once mounted, gives a hard grip that avoids slip off.


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– No room for any external case as the Edge bracket has a snug fit with the iPhone lens

– The mounting process is time taking and it also weighs heavy once mounted

– No slot for Tripod or Stabilizer in the Edge bracket

– Inconvenient to carry in the pocket, so not really a snap-and-go gear

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At the USD 199 price tag, the kit comes with an ExoLens with optics by ZEISS, lens covers, the ExoLens Edge Bracket, carrying pouch and a cleaning cloth. It looks fairly expensive but that obviously translates into the higher quality it offers. Here are some pictures I pulled out during my US trip.


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Visit zeissexolens.com to know more. So if you are game to turn your mobile phone into a professional camera, you can buy the ExoLens PRO here.
For purchase & technical enquiries, reach out to Rishabh Agarwal: +91 98105 86161.