Capture moving moments with ZEISS ExoLens Pro

If pictures can say 1000 words, then videos can say a lot more than that. In my recent US trip, I put my iPhone7plus equipped with ZEISS ExoLens Pro to the best use. Shot a series of moments and back at the studio we stitched it all together. With a little music added, it was a story by itself. Here’s what I felt came in handy when shooting this one.

A wide range of perspectives:

The possibilities that ZEISS ExoLens Pro offered was plenty. And every perspective told a different story.

Ease of use:

The robust-built is a big help. The Edge bracket gives the needed grip that avoids any slip off.

Size matters:

Being small has its advantages too. The iPhone with ZEISS ExoLens Pro can very well penetrate into areas that a big DSLR with a bigger lens would stumble to.

Seamless Quality:

Almost all the mobile phones today boast of top-notch quality cameras and the difference lies in the lenses. An ZEISS ExoLens Pro powered iPhone is definitely a step further when it comes to the quality of the moments captured.

The power of choice:

Be it a macro shot of a flower dancing in the wind or a wide shot of a landscape when travelling, there is the luxury of choice to choose the Macro or Wide Angle Lens according to the moment.

At the USD 199 price tag, the kit comes with an ZEISS ExoLens Pro with optics by ZEISS, lens covers, the ZEISS ExoLens Pro Edge Bracket, carrying pouch and a cleaning cloth. It looks fairly expensive but that obviously translates into the higher quality it offers. Visit to know more.

So if you are game to turn your mobile phone into a professional camera, you can buy the ZEISS ExoLens Pro here. And no moment like NOW. Seize it! For purchase & technical enquiries, reach out to Rishabh Agarwal: +91 98105 86161.