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Every lens opens up a whole range of possibilities for the photographer to interact with the world. A lot has been happening in the world of lenses especially when it comes to mobile photography. The recent updates have been promising and the ZEISS ExoLens Pro is clearly a game changer. If you have an iPhone and are passionate about taking your mobile photography to your next level, then you must consider reading this quick blog out before making a decision to buy an ZEISS ExoLens Pro for yourself. I had the opportunity to carry my ZEISS ExoLens Pro kit along with me during my recent US trip. Here is how I felt on the positive side.

Storytelling redefined:

Think about the fist time you ever went on an aeroplane or climbed up a tall building and looked down. The same buildings, the same landscape and stuff but it would’ve looked different totally. That’s what perspective does. Lenses are capable of this effect on the pictures you take. They change the perspective and offer new ones that are at times beyond the human eyes too. In this way, ZEISS ExoLens Pro with its exciting wide angle and Telephoto gives the opportunity to tell compelling stories.


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DSLR vs Mobile cameras:

Yes, they may seem very much like rivals. Both have their pros and cons. In fact, the variety of images that one can take in a DSLR can never be attained through mobile cameras but instant portability/flexibility is something that sticks out. At places where all you have is a quick window of the second to capture a moment, mobile cameras come handy. The mobile camera lenses do the trick ultimately to seize the moment creatively.


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Power of choice:
One moment there is this stunning sight of a flower dancing peacefully to the breeze. The Macro lens aids here. Another moment there is this spectacular view of a widespread landscape that oozes green as long as one could see. Wide angle lens stands up to the moment here. It is not just about capturing the moment but translating how you feel about that moment into the frame. This choice is true power.


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Robust built:

The solid Aluminium body and the ultra clear glass give a robust touch to the kit. The focal length of the iPhone lens, which is around 28mm, gets widened to 17mm equivalent, offering the wide angle you always wanted. Compared to other iPhone camera lenses, which gives you unwanted vignettes, the ZEISS ExoLens Pro system thrills you with almost no distortion. The mounting is a little tricky but once mounted, gives a hard grip that avoids slip off.


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Value for money:

At the USD 199 price tag, the kit comes with an ZEISS ExoLens Pro with optics by ZEISS, lens covers, the ZEISS ExoLens Pro Edge Bracket, carrying pouch and a cleaning cloth. It looks fairly expensive but that obviously translates into the higher quality it offers. Clearly, it is a good deal on cards. Visit zeissexolens.com to know more.

In the hindsight, the following points can be improved to enhance the experience.


– No room for any external case as the Edge bracket has a snug fit with the iPhone lens

– The mounting process is time taking and it also weighs heavy once mounted

– No slot for Tripod or Stabilizer in the Edge bracket

– Inconvenient to carry in the pocket, so not really a snap-and-go gear

Here are some pictures I pulled out during my US trip.


Exolens mobile lens12 Exolens mobile lens29 Exolens mobile lens28 Exolens mobile lens21 Exolens mobile lens30 Exolens mobile lens14 Exolens mobile lens13 Exolens mobile lens22 Exolens mobile lens27 Exolens mobile lens24Exolens mobile lens26Exolens mobile lens25 Exolens mobile lens23Exolens mobile lens15Exolens mobile lens16Exolens mobile lens17Exolens mobile lens6Exolens mobile lens8Exolens mobile lens5


So if you are game to turn your mobile phone into a professional camera, you can buy the ZEISS ExoLens Pro here. And no moment like NOW. Seize it! For purchase & technical enquiries, reach out to Rishabh Agarwal: +91 98105 86161.