Why you should use wide-angle lenses for portrait photography

Photo by Rishi Sanyal

People tend to shy away from wide-angle lenses when shooting portraits. Rishi Sanyal ,Technical Editor of DPReview , explains benefits of the wide-angle lens in portrait photography in this short video.

“They can provide a sense of place that helps tell a story. They can also enhance depth,” Sanyal says. “And in my opinion, the slight distortion you get from shooting close-up at 35mm is similar to what we experience when viewing loved ones from up close.”

To prove his point, Sanyal captures a couple of models with Sigma 24-35mm F2 Art lens. And the snaps look stunningly beautiful. He also talks  about the do’s and don’ts  when shooting portraits with wide-angle lenses.

So next time you go shooting try using the wide-angle lens for a few portraits. If you have tried it already please share the photos on our facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/507012186130047/

Via DPReview