From heart to mind, the reasons are many but I’ll vouch the most for the following three.

MONEY matters indeed:

Now let me be brutally honest about this. More than ever, there is a lot of money in wedding photography today. This indeed is a big slice of motivation when it comes to Wedding photography. There is street, travel, wildlife and more genres where photography is thriving high. But then, why Wedding Photography? Of course there is art, and yes there is life, emotions and the gift of meeting new people and explore culture similar to other genres, but given that, no one would shoot a wedding for free, would we? As we all agree, Money isn’t everything at the end of the day. One can make a lot of money in any chosen field. Wedding photography in that case, presents the opportunity not only to earn good but also in a soulful way as you happen to capture the precious memories of loving individuals and become a part of their happiness, forever.


Imagine two different individuals, born at different places and time, bunched by destiny to come together and stay blessed for the rest of their lives through a marriage. Exciting isn’t it? What is more exciting is them finding a perfect partner to be there on their special day to capture the most precious moments of their lives. They don’t just settle for a photographer to do this, but instead, search over many names, find and fall in love with their works, call up to discuss, meet in person and then decide on that special one. In a way, this is a marriage by itself. That’s how I feel, whenever I am approached by a couple to shoot their wedding. They make a conscious choice to marry me into their life for being there to capture their biggest memory. I am their friendly partner who stands lucky to witness their happiness for the first time even before their parents could, given all the hustle and bustle that happens in a wedding. But to me, poised with a camera to capture their love in fame, I get to see their happiness to the finest details and hear their conversation even in the most profound silence as they look at each other. I not only capture these moments for the couple, but the whole family and friends get to relive these moments any time in the future. A candid defying of time it is. Now this gives a KICK; a kick that keeps me rolling over and over in the world of love, emotions, life and beyond. This to me, to be a destiny’s child, is a priceless feeling.


Art, commerce, landscape, people, documentation and more: Wedding photography encompasses them all. The patience of Wildlife photography, the art of fine art photography, the variety of travel photography, and the list goes on as wedding photography finds sync with all the other genres of photography in its own way. This holistic experience is a big bonus to me as a wedding photographer.

What more can I ask for? Smile please! 🙂

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