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Sreeranj Sreedhar, an emerging travel photographer from India leaves no stone unturned when it comes to capturing the tale in every moment. His journey as a travel photographer has taken roots from his passion to explore places, people and culture. As all matters of the heart, his consistent efforts to capture life in its natural essence has empowered him to develop a distinctive style that tells a story. Check it out as he opens up candidly on an interview with Cambyte, on his views to approach Travel photography.

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

    I am working as an Admin & Human Resources Manager for a multinational company in Dubai for the past 24 years but originally from Kerala, India. I am a self-taught photographer and love travel photography, to capture environmental portraits, street, culture and landscapes.


  2. Your photographs are mostly candid, and connect well with the subject. In your view, what makes a good candid photograph?

    Try to look for those moments in our daily life around us; it could be in your street, home or even the events that you visit. For environmental portraits let your subject be at ease in your presence, making them comfortable in what they are doing. This way you can capture their emotions and expressions in what they do. When you are doing a street photography or travel, if you find a good happening place, be there for sometime and gel with the crowd so that they accept you one among them. Then it becomes easier. So when it comes to a candid photograph, it is being with the moment and capturing its nature.


  3. What are the biggest challenges in travel photography?

    Challenges are many. Especially if you are working in a corporate firm, time is a big issue. Proper planning is necessary in terms of identifying locations; understand the pros and cons of the place, and weather conditions. Carrying around a heavy gear will also take a dent on your energy, so it is better to choose the right lens and the right camera for the journey you are setting on. A mirror-less camera can be an ideal choice or a one-body lens would do. Last but not the least, Money can be a big check when you travel to photograph. We all love to travel like a Nat Geo photographer and explore exotic places. But then, paying out of our own pockets isn’t as easy as it is thought to be. So it is wise to plan your trip well in advance eyeing the best fares for travel and accommodation. It matters.


  4. What is your opinion on post – processing?

    Post Processing is only to enhance the image since most of us take in RAW so when the file is brought into the processing software, the details will be compressed. I believe capturing the photo in the camera with the correct exposure is more important with a few adjustments to improvise in processing. Otherwise you will end up spending a lot of time in making a bad photo into good one by post processing. That doesn’t make much sense.


  5. In your view, what makes a good photograph?

    Light, Composition and Moment/Subject. Everything else is a matter of time and space which happens on that moment.

  6. What are your two cents to the budding photographers out there?

    Work hard by following master photographers whose works/genre you admire, see how they placed the elements in their frames, composition etc., attend workshops conducted by reputed photographers as we learn from different school of thoughts, be your own critique and learn to understand the flaws in your images to improve accordingly and show only your best images. Don’t be afraid to fail, as you learn from your mistakes. You need to enjoy photography and when you do, you will come up with amazing pictures.


    You can follow more of Sreeranj’s works at his facebook profile, flickr profile, and website linked here. 

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  1. Lal Nallath said:

    Fantastic interview..of a photographer…i like a lot….all pictures are breathtaking…brilliant compositions…good luck Sreeranj..