Think Tank Retrospective 30 – Camera Bag Review


I am a big fan of Think Tank photography bags for obvious reasons – minimalistic look, dynamic features and quality.  I am already a proud owner of three Think Tank bags – ‘Airport Take Off’‘Airport Advantage’ and ‘Navigator’ (to be reviewed soon).  I have been using a large purse type bag, which I customized with some foam to protect my gear.  I called that my ‘camera bag’, but it kept giving me new hassles every now and then. I was on the look out for a hassle-free professional shoulder bag to replace my ‘camera bag’. Enter the all-new Think Tank retrospective 30 which came to my rescue. Let’s take a quick look at product specifications before we talk about the experience.


  • The main compartment cozily accommodates 2-4 lenses
  • Accommodates two pro size DSLRs accommodated (bodies only)
  • Organizer pocket attached into main compartment for accessories like notepads, pens, batteries, etc.
  • Sound Silencers that make the opening and closing of the bag noise free.
  • Transparent business card holder slot
  • Soft & flexible shoulder strap enhanced with cushioned non-slip pad
  • Removable short carrying handle for versatile carrying
  • Seam-sealed rain cover for protection

First Impressions

As I type this, I am sitting in a coffee shop with my Think Tank shoulder bag by my side holding everything I’d packed safely and comfortably. I have just come back from a morning shoot at the Marina beach. I opened the bag to take my notepad out, and for a second stayed frozen looking at the compartments. God, my life was missing these compartments. How nice is it to have things in their respective places. Frequently in my airport security checks, I go through this tangled experience where I’d have to pull out wires and stuff from the bag. It gets especially messy when I’m in a hurry. Thanks to a clean and organized design each accessory has a place and I just have to flip open and pick the ones I need.



Spacious compartments

The design is cool. Really cool!

I had packed in one Sony A7RII, A7SII, Zeiss 25mm & 85mm, and my Godox flash. It’s true. Appearances are deceptive. The Retrospective 30 accommodates more than you can see. As a photographer my back is more important than the pictures. The designer has been especially kind in creating shoulder straps that help me carry the gear without hurting my shoulder.




The Velcro tabs secure the items tightly and also allow quick access to the items. On the streets with everything packed in, the Velcro is loud enough to alert me unlike the silent zipper to any thieves who may catch me by surprise.



Velcro sound silencer


The silencing feature is handy when you are opening the bag frequently during a shoot or in places where silence is appreciated. There is a rainwater cover too that you can pull over when the clouds come charging.

There is even a separate space for my laptop which I carry all the time to transfer and edit pics on the go. Surprise surprise, there is even a slot for memory cards! God, how many times have I misplaced them and gone crazy at shoots.



Laptop slot

In short

  • Carry a lot of your gear in a safe and stylish way.
  • The Leather will look better with time, as always.
  • It is spacious, robust, and amazingly organized.

Kudos to the Think Tank team for this well thought of update, and the devil is really in the details! I love this bag so much that I might even carry it without my gear.

 You can use this exclusive link to order the bag & there’s a free gift with order over $50.


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