There are no boundaries for passionate photographers

Vivekananda rock long exposure

Often, the only thing that stands between an artist and his masterpiece is the choice of being grounded to life’s realities. In the race to survive, we run to the ends of the earth, chasing dreams that we never dream but borrow from others, and find ourselves in the never-ending loop of everyday life that eventually just burns out like a wax candle.

When was the last time you chose to see what your eyes showed you, not what the world wanted you to see? Take a moment to think about it. Do you stick to boundaries because you know there’s nothing beyond, or because that’s what you’ve been taught to believe?

For us photographers, how we choose to see the world and how we perceive opportunities can define our lives. We can choose to be bound by the limitations of academic learning and thoughts influenced by a constant inflow of information. Or, we can let the boundless power of our minds take control. That’s when possibilities become limitless. And boundaries vanish.

We live in a complex world that is constantly evolving. From what we know of evolution, the transition begins when growth in the existing state is no longer possible. We need to cross over to a higher, more evolved state.

In simpler words, limits are always what we set for ourselves. The perception of limits is subjective—it isn’t real. Growth as a photographer doesn’t have limits either. You can’t “limit” yourselves to what people tell you is the “gold standard” of good photography. Or go beyond. There are unexplored worlds, unexplored ideas—you just have to set yourself free.

Another perspective to pushing yourself beyond and further is centered on technology. It is obvious that in a couple of years from now, photography will be a commodity; everyone with a mobile device will be able to make decent pictures.

But, not everyone can go beyond the mediocre. Not everyone will make photographs, and not just snapshots. So, the future can still be seized, if you choose to go beyond visible boundaries.

There’s one thing we know for sure about technology. It can be hacked. In this case, we aren’t talking about writing lines of code to unlock hidden information. It is about seeing the camera as just a tool with limitations, and making the choice to beat these limitations.

When you have a vision for a photograph, and you know how to use your camera as a potent tool, you’ll be able to make images that not most people can.

The line between a professional photographer and a hobbyist—with access to advanced technology—is blurring fast. You must make the choice to widen the gap, and reach far and high.

To do that, the question we must ask ourselves today is: are we artists who make masterpieces or are we just slaves to exceptional technology that can make an average photographer look very good?







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