The New Photographer in Town


A Charismatic Photorama has brewed from the house of StudioA. This people friendly, hardworking, humorous and foodie is an amazing photographer 
who always carries his camera. He is known to crack a lot of jokes, stays punctual, loves puns. There’s more to this fellow than what meets the eye. 

Some of his takes recently are listed below

The freeness that existed with the earlier generation of photographers was that they were without any distractions, made the most out of their inexperience. They had all the focus that they needed to keep creating good work. Also, the earlier generations had an organic journey towards success. They understood it takes years to get to where they wanted. Take all the stalwarts in this industry from the earlier era. They were shooting for years together. 25, 30, 40, 50 years!!! And I see people shooting their first wedding or first photo shoot and sending their pictures to people on Instagram for reviews. Shoot and shoot and keep shooting. Every year, you will feel and you should feel like scrapping your early years work and start over fresh. You are too early for your best. Make the most of your inexperience. Do not compare yourself with the masters or people who have been there for a long time. If you feel your work don’t match their output, please ask yourself how long has he/she been around and tell yourself and understand that your best is yet to come


Creativity comes from a very personal space but that doesn’t mean it’s between closed walls. Its more of taking a walk out into the open, observing life, reacting to the universe and pouring your unfiltered thoughts into the craft. Stay with yourself, stay with the beautiful flow. Move past beautifully


When we want to start something new, there’s always a fear that stops us. It‘s like an enemy that doesn’t let us take a step and suffocates all the excitement that wants to come out. Hold onto that moment of fear without going back. Go past the threshold that fear has on you. Push yourself and try whatever it is you want to, you’ll actually realise that the fear isn’t an enemy. Pushing through that threshold and going in the direction where there is fear, you will realise that the fear is actually your hero – guiding you in the right directions. What you feel is limiting you from doing something becomes the reason pushing you to do it. The pursuit of fear is an addictive catharsis that you will feel, but only if you hold through that first time you face it. Once you face it, you begin writing your success story.

Inspired from @chasejarvis ‘ book, “Creative Calling” where he talks about “Be the Hero of Your Own Story”. If you haven’t read the book, you totally should!


When is the last time you learnt something? If you strive to be a successful creative or a better person for that matter, the answer has to be ‘Now and forever!’. Otherwise you are on the way to mourn your creative self. Yup, learning is a life long process. Give a child a ball, it will tag a hundred names and meanings and games to it. But to an adult, chances are that the ball will hit the ground in a matter of minutes and bounce off. The kid’s mind stays curious, and hence limitlessly creative. If only we can unlearn and reconnect to the art of learning like a kid, life would be a lot more beautiful isn’t it? Be the kid. Learn lifelong. EVOLVE!