10 simple props for outdoor couple photoshoots

Light painting props couple outdoor photoshoot

Every photoshoot is an opportunity for you to try a new idea. So, don’t be stuck with the same composition, the same frame, and the same concept. And you don’t have to break your head conjuring up new ideas. All it takes is the introduction of a few props in your scene, and bingo you have an entirely new image.

To make your next assignment more interesting, here are some simple props for outdoor couple photoshoots.


Although it’s the most commonly used prop, using balloons creatively can make a difference to your images. Balloons represent joy and liveliness. Use a range of colors to paint up your image with happiness.

Balloons props outdoor couple photoshoot

Credits: Gina Green Photography

Call out cards/blackboards

Hand-written messages on call-out cards or boards can bring out unique and interesting expressions from your couple. And, it also gives you more variety from a single shoot. You can use it for a simple “save your date” invite photoshoot or as a prop that helps a couple visually communicate with each other.

Board props outdoor couple photoshoot

Credits: Fleur-de-lees Photography


Umbrellas can add drama to an image. And, they can be used in a lot of different ways. A backlit umbrella during rain, colored umbrellas, as a simple additional prop to add interest or contrast to an image–the possibilities are endless.

umbrella props outdoor couple photoshoot

Credits: The legendary Ryan Brenizer

Photo frames

Add an layer of framing to your images with photo frames. This is a technique that is timeless, and always draws your reader towards the subject composed within the frame.

Frames props outdoor couple photoshoot

Credits: John Schnack

DIY cardboard props

You can cut cardboards into crowns, stars and so on–and they make for very interesting props because you get to decide the shape. Because each shape can convey a different story, figure out what you want to convey and build your story entirely using cardboard-cut props.

DIY cutout props outdoor couple photoshoot

Credits: Hurtienne Photography

Party snow

You can make interesting couple portraits at night using off camera speed lights…and party snow. Everybody loves them. All you need to do is spray them around the couple and backlight them using the speedlight.

Snow props outdoor couple photoshoo

Water sprinkler/ bubble blower

Yes, the bottle sprinkler you use for your plants can be a prop. You can create effects like dust, noise, and so on. And compliment it with natural light–and you get the drama you need. Bubble blowers are also quite handy–especially for couples who would love an element of fun in their pictures.

bubbles outdoor couple photoshoot

Credits: Judy Tran

Flash light

Sunset doesn’t mean you need to call it a wrap. Darkness is the best time to experiment with light, and light painting is one of the concepts that you can try out. A flash light is a handy tool that can be used for this purpose. One of the ideas you can experiment with is spelling out the couple’s names with light or even make interesting shapes that make your audience curious.

Light painting outdoor couple photoshoot

Credits: Alex Beckett Photography

Steel wool

Who doesn’t love fireworks? But, it isn’t always easy to control–and most photographers give up after a few attempts. There are alternatives you could try, instead. For example: steel wool and a 9-volts battery, which make it very affordable and easy to execute. Roll the wool on a metal strip and attach a fireproof string to it. Now, connect the battery to it so that the wool lights up. You can of course accomplish this with a matchstick as well. With steel wool, the key is previsualization. If you know what you want in terms of composition and concept, it’s pretty easy to accomplish that with steel wool.

Light painting props couple outdoor photoshoot

Credits: Jeff Babineau

Quirky props

For those of you who don’t have the time to plan and look for custom props, you could also check out the bundled paper cut-outs that add quirkiness to otherwise bland images. The best part is: you don’t have to put in a lot of effort from your side to make the images interesting; they just are!

New-York-City-Photo-Booth-Chelsea-Piers-Couple AK_0576

Props couple photoshoot

Credits: The Booth


So, go out there and try these ideas out. And, let us know if you discovered additional props that can make outdoor couple photoshoots more interesting.