Working around the Indian Stretchable Time

Indian bride portrait

Jokes about the Indian Stretchable Time can make for great ice-breaking conversations. But for you, the Indian wedding photographer, there can be nothing more frustrating than delayed starts—the likes of which can stretch up to several hours on your worst day.

Not anticipating changes in schedule can quickly turn what you thought was a well-planned shoot into a grand setup for disaster. Let’s discuss what could potentially happen when your event is behind schedule.

No time for bridal, groom, or couple portraits

Indian brides typically give you two opportunities to fail—once before the reception, and again before the wedding (the order can change, of course). Don’t let that happen to you. Make-up and “getting ready” sessions rarely start and end on time, leaving you with“crumb minutes” to squeeze out the magic from your bag of photo tricks. So, anticipate and have a backup plan.

You might do better making up for this lost time by capturing portraits during the ceremony. Whenever you can, steal the bride, groom, or both for two-minute quickie portrait sessions.



Event running into the wee hours of the night

The way Indian weddings are planned, you might have to be up early before the rooster crows. A delayed reception can often spill into the next day, leaving you with just enough time to set the alarm and wake up a couple of hours later to switch it off. Because you’ll find yourself facing this situation more often than not, consider each event a dress rehearsal for the next one. Soon enough, you’ll know how to keep your eyelids open and the energy flowing. Or, just change your sleep schedule.

The clock comes alive after the delay

Sometimes, rituals get skipped and shortened to make up for lost time. If you’ve never experienced delays before, you might be hoping for the warm-up before the grand start and the second takes. Both of which may not happen when the event is behind schedule. So, you’ll need to find your sweet spot sooner than usual; even the continuous shooting mode may not be able to save you. Find your focus more often, and miss a shot almost never.




How do you cope with delays in schedule that wreck all your planning? Tell us.


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