Pixie Set: Create your online photo portfolio with loads of free storage

Pixieset online gallery

Need an online photo portfolio with an incredible amount of free storage? You got it. We absolutely love Pixie Set for a whole lot of reasons, primarily for the 3 GB of cloud storage and slick presentation they offer. Free of cost.

If you need more, it’s a simple “pay and upgrade”. Let’s do the math: A typical 2048px JPEG image is approximately 1.5MB. That’s around 2,000 hi-res images and you can keep them online for as long as you want.



Let’s check out what else is so lip-smackingly good about Pixie Set.

1. Reliability: All your images are stored with Amazon Web Services. That’s as reliable a cloud hosting infrastructure as you can get.

2. Smart admin panel: Creating and managing collections, uploading images, selecting layouts, and pretty much everything you’ll need for an online portfolio is a breeze.

3. Responsive layout: Anybody with a link to your portfolio can view it on any device without eyesores or side scrolls. And, it’s not just the layout but the presentation of features that’s responsive as well.

4. Clean simplistic views: The hallmark of a good portfolio is its presentation. Full points to Pixie Set on this one.

5. Social media integration: With social sharing built in, you just can’t stop your pictures from going viral.

6. Proofing and digital delivery: Clients can proof images or download them (you have complete control of sizes) right from the gallery. No more USB or DVD hassles.

7. Upgrade only when you need: You have enough storage for a portfolio, we feel. But, if you need additional storage, especially for client proofing and download, there are easy upgrade plans ranging from $8 to $40 per month.

Know online photo portfolio sites similar to this one? We’d love to know.