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Osman Ghani needs no introduction. Over ten years shooting luxury weddings, featured in top Asian publications including Asiana, Eastern Eye and Asian Bride, and the reputation of photographing various fashion and editorial campaigns along with some of the top Bollywood stars including Amitabh Bachchan, Mahima Chaudhry, Anil Kapoor and Imran Khan to name just a few…he is an inspiration to every photographer who wants to make fame his own.

Our team at Cambyte managed to catch up with him a few days ago, and he has shared some great tips for those who aspire to be successful at wedding photography. Read on.

1)Why wedding photography?


It’s good money !!!

Initially, I was doing landscape photography, I love landscapes. Just sit there and watch the sun go down. But slowly people started asking me to come and take pictures at their wedding.
The bottom line is that it’s good money.

2)What do you love about wedding photography?


Well even though it’s the same ceremony and the same ritual, the people are always different. The most amazing thing is that after the wedding when you go to people’s houses and you see the pictures of their wedding that you shot on display there and it remains there forever. It’s an incredible feeling.


3) How do your describe your style.


Well, personally I like to think that I have no set style. The one thing I would like to do is include the landscape in my images. I am not the typical wedding photographer who will be like “Don’t put the ladoo in your mouth, let me take a picture first”. My style is more candid and shoot with the flow of the wedding.

4)Many of your bridal photographs look like the ones you find in a lifestyle magazine. Are most of your brides models?


No, they are just normal and all the photographs were taken on the actual day of the wedding. It all depends on how you use the location and light the subject. You can even produce amazing images at a dull location if you can light the subject effectively.

5) How do you strike a balance between your style and what the client wants?


Wedding photography is like a rainbow, on one side you have these “Uncleji-like” photographers who make people pose for everything and on the other side you have these editorial style guys who shoot exclusively creative shots. I am in the middle. I take the creative shots and as well as the family shots of the couple with their parents and relatives. So my clients get everything.

6) Have you ever had a client who felt that they did not get enough creative shots or group shots?


Initially, I’ve had clients complaining that I did not take photos of their Aunty who came from Canada or this important Uncle. Nowadays, I have a team who takes group shots so I can concentrate on doing only the creative and artistic images.

7) Has shooting weddings influenced you as a person?


Well, that’s a difficult question. Everything has changed.

For me personally, this is the best thing that has happened to me. I came from a very typical Pakistani background, with no know-how of foreign lands and foreign people. Now I have shot Jewish, Chinese, Sikh, Hindu, Sri Lankan weddings and experiencing those weddings with those people, it just changes you as a person because you start seeing people in a different way and as a whole you start seeing life in a different way.

8) Do you recall any funny incidents from a wedding you shot?
There is always something in every wedding, they are never on your time that’s for sure !!!
They always fight when they drink, it’s all good fun when you look back at it.

9) Have you encountered any annoying relatives who tell you how to shoot?


They are always there. Some Aunties will outrightly tell you how to take a picture and you are like “ok”.


10) There are always days when things go against you, how do you keep yourself motivated?


Well there are many things that can go wrong like the weather could be bad or the power may fail or it may start raining. In times like these you must remember that it’s just another day in your life. But for that bride it’s a day that comes only once in a lifetime. So you keep the image of that bride, full of aspirations and hopes and dreams, in your mind and you must do your job to the best of your ability because as a professional at the end of the day you can’t give excuses for not delivering the memories of their special day to the client.

11) Where do you look for inspiration?

I look at my old work. When I look at my old pictures, I always think of how I can improve on it and take what I learnt into my future projects.


12) Photographers who inspire you.

I don’t remember any names, but I follow a bunch of very good photographers from around the world. The one thing I don’t do is copy, because if you see something good and use that in your next shoot its plain copying. I just get inspired by the idea and try to do it my way.

13) What is the best advice, Osman Ghani can give to all the aspiring Wedding photographers out there?



Because when you copy, you are blocking your own vision and your own style. Yes, you will struggle but stick with your own style.

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