Photographer of the week – Neetesh Kumar, Street Photographer


Neetesh Kumar is a visual effects artist based out of Chennai. He is also a very serious hobbyist photographer. His style revolves around portraying the mundane in the most dramatic way possible. Read on as he opens up about his photography with Cambyte, your daily dose of photography.


1) Why Street photography?


My need for interaction. Being a Visual effects artist I spend most of my time holed up in front of a computer. Sometimes I don’t even see the sun for a few days. The great thing about street photography is that you spend most of your time on the spot interacting with your subjects.


2) How has Photography changed your life?

Photography has taken me to many new places that I normally would never visit. For example, despite living in Chennai for 10 years, I never have visited Mamallapuram in spite of it being so closeby. Only after I picked photography I went there for the first time to take pictures.


3) What is your opinion on Post-processing ?


If you ask me every photographer should first have an excellent sense of perception. They should be able to perceive and understand the scene and use post-processing as tool to make the user perceive what they perceived and understand what they understood.


4) According to you what is Street Photography ?


Presenting the beauty of the mundane everyday in the best possible way.


5) Being a hobbyist photographer, how do you balance work with passion?

It is very hard to juggle two things at the same. So I set aside the weekends completely for photography. These two days I never touch work or even think about it.


6) Marina beach in Chennai has a special place in your photographic journey. Can tell us about your relationship with Marina?


I would say Marina is the embodiment of my Photographic journey so far. When I was in between jobs, I used to go to Marina for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening camera in hand, not a thought in my mind. Only at Marina, one can explore many genres of photography from Landscapes to Street to Portrait to even macro!!! To most people Marina is the second longest urban beach in the beach, for me it is a photography school. You can check out Neetesh’s Flooded Marina photo series here.


7) What is the best advice that you could give an upcoming photographer?

Every Composition you make is yours,
Every Exposure you take is yours,
Every photograph you click is yours.

Don’t imitate others, it will get you nowhere. Think that today you will create the best photograph ever and explore.
8) You are able to capture the decisive moment brilliantly. Can you give our readers some tips on how to capture the decisive moment?

Technical aspects first – Keep your camera on burst/continuous mode.
Now observe the subject. Understand its behaviour and patterns. Now that you have analysed its behaviour, try to anticipate. For example in this shot, I was photographing this boy doing a football trick. I would have shot around 30 frames of him performing the same trick. But on the 31st try, he looked back and the clouds also added a bit of drama to the shot and this is the final result.


10) According to you, what make a good photograph?


In today’s information overloaded world, where one scrolls through multiple photos in a second, A photograph that makes the viewer stop and observe is a good photograph in my book.

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