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Child photography has its own unique challenges in capturing the essence of childhood and showing the world through a child’s eye. Meet Nagendra Mayya, a passionate photographer from Karnataka carving his own niche with a mix of striking props coupled with cute expressions. Read on, as he opens about his work with Cambyte, your Daily Dose of Photography.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself.12633551_855080821257895_6367059371272566121_o

I’m Nagendra! I’ve lived along the south coast of Karnataka for pretty much my whole life. I worked for a multi-national company for 10 years and met my wife at work who worked in the same team as mine. That’s when she got a chance to glance at my pictures and motivated me to pursue my passion for photography further!! We had to wait for our roller coaster ride of a two-state wedding to get over to take the resolute step of quitting our IT jobs and getting into full-time photography. I did pursue it as part time for first four years and started doing full time for the last 2.5 years. We do photography as family now along with my wife and my cousin brother. My cousin brother handles birthday party photography and video and my wife interacts with the client and gives them the complete plan for each shoot.


2) Why Baby photography?11224744_820100774755900_7755685804216799592_o

I was more inclined towards nature photography and travel but when my friends approached me for clicking their babies, we did try using few props which created tremendous love for our work. I feel babies are absolutely fascinating. If you’ve got a pose in mind, be patient and persistent and you’re sure to get it. I also do a lot of weddings but baby photography keeps me busy all the time. My inspiration comes from two things namely nature and children. I use abundant natural light, vintage stuff ,simple fabric, fresh flowers, blue skies and with plenty of cute smiles with a pinch of inner creativity in our pictures. In particular, the trust that parents put in us by giving us their child motivates us to do our creative best.


3) Babies are probably one of the hardest subjects to work with, so what are methods you employ to make them corporate.12593668_852580221507955_1231593235477717083_o

Babies are the hardest subject to deal with but they look cute in whatever they do, so there is no need for any special preparation.We mostly shoot at the client’s house and parks which don’t require the child to adjust to a new environment. Every baby is different and we make sure he/she is well rested, well fed and also changed before we begin snapping away. We sing, do baby talk, make silly faces, some interesting toys can be used but be sure not to go overboard as they start crying.When they start fussing, it’s time to stop and distract them with new toys as they are a great diversion and also add new elements to the photo.

4) You use some incredible props and sets. Where do you get such props?12744552_862216763877634_8510699168218410653_n

We have been collecting props for the last three years. Whenever we find something interesting, we would pick it up and use it for a shoot. We recently started sourcing elusive props that better suit our concept through friends who live in US and UK. We also new old wooden furniture sourced from my native to add a vintage touch.


5) How important is pre-planning for a shoot?12525484_847193565379954_8458838843954301041_o

Pre-planning is important to understand the baby’s schedule and to make the parents realize their part to have a smooth session. We have the first discussion to understand what parents expect from us and the second discussion to finalize on the concept for our clients. Our sessions usually last for 3 hours and we plan the shoot for 2 hours with an extra hour to facilitate feeding and changing of the baby. The paramount challenge lies in making sure we only use hygienic wraps, clothes, blankets and baby friendly wheat cakes with very sugar for cake smash.


6) Can you give us an insight into your thought process behind your concepts?11794627_771610642938247_358075494499778336_o

We plan for the best output with the available props but change it according to the baby’s mood during a shoot. Mostly parents are the ones who tell us what their baby likes and accordingly we plan the entire shoot.

8) According to you what makes a good photo?1899693_863061027126541_557847736342367145_o


The innocence on the tiny adorable faces of the little fellows can make your day! and according to me that makes a good photo.











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  1. Praveen said:

    Nagendra, You have an amazing skills. From your lens you make kids look more adorable. All the best for all your future endeavours.

  2. Richa said:

    Hi cambyte team,

    I got my baby incompleted photoshoot done from nagendra mayya but they are real fraud who took my money inadvance and then after pushing dates for 4 months they have not completed the shoot ans know this lady janani govind stop picking up the call and also not returning my money rs 5000 for not completing the shoot.pls beware of such fraudster never pay them in advance