New cameras that would launch this summer !


We are on a constant need of better performing and more efficient camera gears and the manufacturers are relentlessly releasing and excelling in updating new products. Or is the other way around? However it is, We have some exciting cameras that we can expect by this summer.

While all camera rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, we’re taking a loot at which benchmark Dslr’s could possibly make it to the market over the next few months.

Canon 6D Mk2


Well, the original 6D was announced almost half a decade ago in 2012 and it has been one of the fantastic, compact full frame which was equivalent to 5D Mark iii at the same time affordable to a lot of photographers. It was equally important to Canon. It would be a surprise if the Canon still stuck to 20.1 Megapixel, 4.5 fps and just one SD slot. We could expect the Dual pixel RAW technology from %D Mk4 and have balanced their priority to film making abilities. Anything less than 4K video will be disappointing. The release dates are however, not expected to be announced until July.

Nikon D820


Being slightly newer than Canon 6D, The Nikon D810 is almost near the time in the spotlight that was launched in 2014. But it has been a very important camera for Nikon. The high megapixel count, which could create large images with full of details, was a main reason for the 810’s success.

With the advanced sensor technology from Nikon over the last two years, we wouldn’t expect anything less than a 50 Megapixel sensor for the next release. Just like Canon 6D the ability to produce high quality footage to make sure any replacement for Nikon D810 with at least 4K quality footage. It’s hard to see how exactly Nikon could improve on such a brilliant camera like D810. May be ISO performance?

Pentax K-1 Mk2


Pentax put the photographers off-guard when they released a flagship Dslr K-1 in 2016 that took on the big brands of Canon and Nikon in the full frame, High-megapixel market. Unlike Canon and Nikons benchmarks , Pentax K-1 is only a year old. With the camera boasting 36 megapixels, it also is weather resistant and built in stabilization tech. over this, the competitive price-tag was likely offered. This clearly shows Pentax were willing to innovate on their products.
It had unique LED lights to illuminate areas such as memory card slot.

An equally attractive priced replacement with a bigger sensor and improved video specs would definitely give the photographers something to think about when weighting up a new buy.

Canon 5Ds Mk2

It’s been two years since Canon raised the stakes in the megapixel wars to bring out 5Ds and 5Dr. Both the cameras featuring 50.6 megapixel sensors, the Dslr was a hit amongst the photographers community who wanted to stick to a Dslr instead of previously available option of medium format cameras.

Considering the replacement for these cameras which might take a longer than a few months, it’s worth remembering that Canon themselves advertised an 120 Megapixel sensor, that the company had developed at Shangai Canon Expo in 2016. Having the research and development invest so much time on the sensor, it would be a great shame if the consumers don’t get their hands on the new camera sooner.

So which camera do you think would be launched first? Take your guess in the comments section below and forget not to subscribe for more exciting news.