‘My world of Kids Photography’ – Sujata Setia


Sujata is a Freelance Photographer based in London, United Kingdom. She is also a theater artist, Yoga Instructor, Scuba Diver, Freelance Copywriter, wannabe writer, blogging addict, recovering journalist and a surviving mother to a toddler named – Aayat.

How did Kids photography happen to you? 

I have no clue… seriously… I was never fond of children. Even when I had my own daughter my patience level with kids was zero. I guess slowly, the exposure to works of some of the top photographers in the world helped me figure my own interests out. And even when I’m still a “terribly” impatient mom… my clients believe I am some sort of a baby whisperer.


How difficult is it to capture a kid , how is it possible for you to achieve this magic ? 

Well, kids photography ranges from newborns (as early as a 5-day-old) going on to 18 years. The level of difficulty in photographing them varies from child to child and age-to-age as well. I particularly enjoy photographing newborns because no matter how challenging it is to photograph them.. the results are always worth the effort.


How do you choose your props for the shoot ?

Most people don’t realise this but the styling is the most important part of photography. it’s like selecting the colour palette and texture for your painting. You need to have a very strong sense of styling to be able to do justice to your images. I don’t use too many props for sessions besides my newborn photo shoots. My style is very natural so most photo-shoots are about human interaction and emotions. For my newborn shoots… because my general style is bright and colourful, I go with props that will suit both my style and the baby’s skin tone and features.


What is your most favourite lighting technique?

I am a natural light photographer so when in the studio I like to feather my window light with the help of a voile curtain so that light softly falls on the subject’s face from one end to the other. When outdoors again… I feather light through tree branches and leaves.


How important is post production in your workflow?

Extremely important. I spend less time photographing and more time in editing my images and giving them the form that I had envisioned. 


Share the most memorable moment from your kid shoots? 

There are many memorable experiences. Almost all of my clients come with children and all of them have a story to share from their life before, when the children were born… I like to take them back to their younger days. That’s when I build my bond with them and without having to say it… assure them that their children and their memories… both are in safe hands. My brain is like that of Dumbledore’s… I have stored way too many memorable moments from the lives of my clients in there… and inversely, all of them have become lasting memories for me as well.


Your Inspiration? 

Everything inspires me. I can’t understand when people say what one thing inspires them the most… inspiration is such a beautiful coincidence of life… why will I pin it down to just one person, thing or incidence.

Give us a glimpse of your gear? 

Nikon D800. For outdoor shoots, I use 70-200 f 2.8 and studio shoots are done with my 50mm f1.4g. I have the starter studio light kit from Elinchrom (D-Lite RX one) but for the life of me, I don’t know what to do with it. 

What are your tips for our readers and aspiring talents?

 Wherever u go… follow the light. Look for patterns on people’s faces, shoes, legs, roads, vehicles…look for light everywhere. If you can understand light… you will achieve a lot in the field of photography… very early.