Meet the team


Amar Ramesh – The Megamind

Amar is one of India’s leading contemporary wedding photographers and among the most sought-after photographers in South India. A professional photography career spanning over 6 immensely successful years, his work has taken him places—from the US to Europe to Asia.

There comes a time when life asks every accomplished individual—“what next?” Some wander off to the next big adventure, and some choose to draw themselves in to the “circle of giving.” Amar chose the latter, first founding Studio A, which is a collective of some of the most passionate and skilled photographers, cinematographers, and editors—each one of them handpicked and mentored by him.

Amar continues to be on an endless journey of self discovery, exploring his passion and conceptualizing niche service opportunities for Studio A. That’s how Cambyte was born!

Alpheus Danson – The Mighty Pen

Alpheus, albeit soft spoken, has the flair to write about his passion—photography.

Chronologically, first came automobile engineering, then came marketing. Copywriting followed. But his harmony and passion remained photography. His attention to technical detail is translated into spectacular photos. And, he has a gift of being able to write about his passion in the language of the layman. This unique journey in writing and photography has now led him to be the voice of Cambyte.

Being one of the gifted few living their passion, when Amar posed Alpheus this question, “Do you want to speak to people about the love of your life?”, his response became the essence of Cambyte.


Maverick – The Story Teller

Dreamt to become a Doctor, studied to become an Engineer, worked as a Manager and with all the heart he wandered further. Yes, that’s how crazy a ride it was for Maverick Prem until he found his love for storytelling. He ascertains writing as his true love and books as his best friends. He enjoys the little things in life and derives great pleasure in contemplating them in his writings. His flair for the art of capturing memories led him to Cambyte. As the Editor and Social Media Manager, he manages zeal and adds sense to Cambyte.

When asked what makes him happy – He says, “There is nothing more powerful than the ‘Pen and the Camera’ to strike charm and change around, and happiness is to dwell in their coincidence”

Roehan Rengadurai – The Rockstar

Part engineering student, part wandering soul and full-time photography enthusiast – that’s precisely who he is. Roehan started photography as a hobby fell in love with the art at the age of 17. Fast-forward to today, he has gone from documenting the humble surroundings of Chennai to the raging bulls of the Alanganalur Jallikatu to the spiritual Sadhus of Varanasi to the rabid trance of the Kalis of Kulasai. Roehan believes that a Photograph may be worth 1000 thousand words, but only a few will further enhance its value: a philosophy that led him to Cambyte.

Offer him any subject; he will capture it in the frame and on the paper, equally gripping. As a writer and photographer, Roehan is always up with a bag of tricks to try and yes, he thrills us tirelessly.


Ramachidambaram Santhanam

Ram, as he is known for the obvious reason that 3 letters are better than 24, stepped out of college and into perhaps the most challenging of jobs. One that involves learning everything in a few months that you don’t learn in 4 years of college. But, that’s how you learn to swim, don’t you?

Need solutions to complex technical problems? Give him a day, and he will not disappoint you.



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    I have submitted a photo story “The sacredness of life” submitted on March 7, 2017. Please let me know the status of the submission.