Marina – A flooded photo essay


” I was there when it flooded in Chennai. There was chaos all over and life was scattered in every possible way. As a photographer, holding all the emotions that the tough situation posed the city with, I was visiting the Marina beach every day through the week. My love for Marina made me do so, to capture its nature when the waters were over the line. For landscape photography, one has to travel to the hills or far away plains. For portraits or street or people, the same applies as one has to go in search of the place and the subjects. But only in Marina does one find all the genres of life together. In the times of flood, without a surprise, it did hold a lot of drama as always. I have tried to capture the ones I could and compiled few of my select shots in a flow ” said Neetesh Kumar, a photographer whose love for Marina was obvious in the pictures he had taken.

Words can definitely not express or explain what happened in Chennai, but these pictures and the story they hold within does takes a stride in the eyes of the viewer, especially if you know about Marina. Think of Chennai, think of Marina. That’s how close it is as an identity to Chennai. As the second longest beach in the world, Marina remains as a historic significance to the city and the country, with centuries of life and history instilled in it.

Take a look at this series of pictures that portray the transition of Marina before and after the floods had paid their visit.



A normal day at Marina, with the humans feeding the pigeons as always.


A breathtaking view from the lighthouse that oversees the life at Chennai since centuries.


Marina, the second largest beach in the World is at ease.


The torrential clouds begin to pay a visit.


The clouds setting up quite a drama on the sky.


And it was only a matter of time…


The Rains stepped down with all the might.


The view from Lighthouse was then flooded with water and chaos.


For the first time, water became a threat to Chennai, which otherwise is welcomed with open hearts like anywhere else.

And sailing became the prime way of transportation.


The cry for help was resonating everywhere.


Mother Nature had the final say and it was there to stay for while.



The birds and animals were the ones that didn’t really abandon their spaces but were there like they were in any other day.


The floods did take a lot away but gave back a lot of lessons in its way.


This was the first lady who opened up her shop after the fiasco was over in a week. Life resumed its stand for good, this time even more stronger.

All photos used in this article are a copyright of Neetesh Kumar.