How to make great wedding pictures with exposure, composition and framing

Couple portrait

Much has been said about how breaking photography rules can lead to interesting pictures. But, it’s also ironic that a lot of photographers think these rules can only yield mainstream results. After all, they were scientifically defined to give you good images, in the first place.

How about a few examples to justify our point?




Photo credits: Amar Ramesh




What’s common among these images? Good use of light, interplay of shadows and highlights, a combination of good composition and framing…name it, you’ve got it.

It’s clear that you don’t really need to go out telling yourself that breaking a rule or two is the order of the day. Sometimes, the most mundane of photography rules can trump wayward experiments that are mostly trial and error in nature.

Share some of your images that make the best use of exposure, composition and framing.


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