Lily: The awesome portable drone that flies itself

Lily self flying drone

Drones can be cumbersome. Drones can be unpredictable. Drones can be clunky. Drones can make you look foolish.

Here is a drone that isn’t any of the above. Meet Lily, the throw-and-go flying camera.

Why is Lily so cool? Here are 5 indisputable reasons.

  1. Lily flies itself

Lily doesn’t need a controller. It links with a GPS-based tracking device (part of the package) that you can wear on your wrist, and follows you around.

For those who seek a little more control, you can download the Lily Robotics app. With the app, you can tell Lily what to do exactly—lead or follow you, do a full circle, zoom in, or take drone selfies.

Lily can also be powered by computer vision for autonomous flight. Using the app, you can get Lily to register your face in its memory and track you down in case you go out of view.

It’s pretty evident that no prior drone-flying expertise is required. Which is why Lily is so damn tempting to own, no matter how rudimentary your drone knowledge is.

2. Lily is easy to handle

Lily is, as the manufacturers call it, a throw-and-go flying camera. Strap the tracking device to your wrist or put it in your pocket, throw Lily into the air,  and you’re ready to go. Besides, there is no assembly hassle. Take it out of the box, and it’s ready to go.

Lily has an inbuilt accelerometer that detects free-fall, and the blades turn on automatically. And, the drone follows you wherever you go—with the help of the tracker.

Landing is also straightforward—like drones in the past, when it runs out of battery it will land itself safely.

3. Lily shoots amazing video and captures slick images

Lily records 1080p videos at 60 FPS, and 720p videos at 120 FPS. It can also capture 12MP images. Enough said!

4. Lily fits into your backpack

Lily is as portable as it can get. Weighing under 3 pounds and only 10.3 inches wide, this portable drone can fit into your backpack and go wherever you go.

5. Lily is waterproof

With a waterproof rating of IP67, and a sealed body with insulated motors, Lily can take a dip and come out unscathed. Up to 1m, that is. It can also float, so you can always land Lily on water if required.

6. Lily is fast

Lily can do 25 miles an hour, but for it to clock the maximum flying time of 20 minutes, the recommended speed is 15 mph. Interestingly, the makers decided to build Lily without a heavy mechanical gimbal—instead, it uses digital gimballing to stay even. Plus, they guarantee amazing videos, and if we are to go by the promo videos, we’re sold.

6. Lily is pretty

Lily is black and beautiful. The design is simplistic, and there are no ungainly parts sticking out.

The body is made of black polycarbonate with brushed aluminum details. Lily’s best feature is of course its blue macaroni eyes that glow—you’ll be excused for assuming that Lily is smiling back at you.

Additional features

Lily runs on a non-removable Li-Ion battery that takes up to 2 hours to charge.

The tracking device has an inbuilt microphone that can record high quality sound, and Lily automatically syncs this audio with whatever video it shoots.

Live feed can be viewed (low-res) on the app.

I want Lily? What do I do?

So incredible that it is, we all want Lily, don’t we? Fortunately, unlike most things that sound too good to be true, Lily is in fact available for pre-ordering.

You can visit their website and pre-order any number of Lily units. Shipping will start in February 2016.

As far as pricing goes, it is indeed surprising that a drone this awesome can be so reasonably-priced. Pre-ordering now will get you Lily at a price of $499—order it later, and you’ll need to shell out $999. In essence, you’re getting a 50% discount if you order it within the next 29 days.

If you want to learn more about Lily, check out this comprehensive FAQ section on their website.



  1. Munish said:

    Thats just Awesome !
    Just wondering how Lily will maneuver when there are obstacles like a post or a tree branch on its way….
    lets wait for few reviews and updates !

    • Alpheus said:

      We are curious to know as well. As you say, reviews in the next few months should make it clear.