Lee Super Stopper, the New 15-stop ND filter


Lee is famous for its long-exposure ND filters. The company already makes  6 stop Little Stopper, 10 stop Big Stopper. And the new kid on the block is the “Super Stopper” which reduces the amount of light entering the lens by a whopping 15 stops. This helps in shooting at long shutter speeds in daylight.

Lee’s new Super Stopper is a neutral density filter that converts a 2 sec exposure into one which could last for 17 hrs. Just unreal. The company says that this new filter has been made from High- optical glass. It comes with a protective tin case and a lifetime warranty. The company also claims that the filter has a minimal colour cast which can be easily corrected in post-production.

Here’s the press release by Lee:

“The Super Stopper is designed for use in bright conditions, during the middle of the day – a time that’s traditionally considered unsuitable for photography because of the harsh, contrasty nature of the light.
However, with the Super Stopper filter fitted, the softness that arises from any movement contrasts pleasingly with any areas of bright light, creating an effect rarely seen in photography before now. ”



Here is a chart that could help you understand how the Super Stopper stretches the exposure :


Lee announced that the Super stopper is available for 100mm, SW150 and Sev5n ranges. It will be available soon in the market and the SW150 version has been priced at $ 175 (approx. Rs.12000).

Via DPReview