Learnings from PEP ASIA 2017


PEP Asia 2017! The name does come with a lot of music and it turned out to be nothing short of a symphony. Three days of unlimited inspiraiton! It was raining wisdom and we were lucky to be on board to get drenched. Here are some of the lessons we learnt as a team and achievers whom we admired for their speeches. Take a look!

Lakshman (Lead Photographer)

This PEP has been personal for me as I’ve learned invaluable everyday lessons as a photographer.

Here are 8 of my PEP learnings:

  1. Do extraordinary things every single day
  2. See value in every single thing you do
  3. Build your self confidence by approaching 50 strangers and clicking portraits
  4. Expand your vision and rethink the possibilities from locations and lighting
  5. Build your personality to reflect a powerful voice
  6. Create a signature style of adding value to every picture
  7. Figure out how to delight clients with more than just photographs

Pradeep (Photographer)

This was my first PEP conference and what I took back was more than just style. I also collected lots of experiences, started great connections and felt an array of emotions. Some of the talks gave me goose bumps. The PEP actually gathered the social media audience in the physical world opening up meaningful networks for shy photographers like me. I’ve never been happier to give and accept friend requests. The PEP experience was intense for me because each photographer belonged to a different genre, had different energies but was able to inspire the audience with the same fervour. Their passion, excellence and inspiration were something that became kinetic and made us all want to DO something and not just talk about it.

Vivi Raaj (Lead Cinematographer)

This is my first conference and I saw how important it was to have a well organised event. As an introvert, I surprised myself when I networked with photographers who were giants in their art yet completely humble in their conversations. Meeting all the great minds in one space was like a major learning boost. Jerry’s three hour talk was clear evidence of how passion can be the most powerful force for conversation. The best part was that PEP was a celebration of artists from every genre including travel, portrait, underwater and wedding to name a few.


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