Inspirational Photographer’s Quotes from PEP!


PEP Asia 2017: Portrait and Wedding Photography Conference was certainly a game-changing experience. Learning from the masters is always amazing as these are stories of passion and perseverance and expert advice packaged as memorable anecdotes. Photographers of Studio A who attended the PEP Conference were inspired as ardent fans and aspiring artists. Here is their compilation of their favourite quotable quotes of five of the speakers at the conference.

They say golden words are never repeated, so we decided to freeze them up and craft it as posters. Share the spirit. Stay inspired!

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Complied by: Alpheus Danson, Srinivas R.S., Dileep Kumar, Lakshmanan S, Smruthi Mothe, Pradeep Sekar and Vivi Raaj.
Art by Lakshmanan S.
Design by Israel Davidson.