Insane High Altitude DJI Phantom 2 Drone video shot at 3.4 Km


The drone regulations in the United States and the European Union restricts the flying of drones above 500 feet. In India, the law is  more severe as one needs to get a license for flying drones. But one crazy guy from Netherlands decided to ignore the law and break the world record for the highest altitude reached by a drone by flying his drone awe-inspiring altitude of 3.4km (11000ft).

This anonymous guy posted the video on Youtube but it was soon taken offline. Now the video is going viral on Vidme.

The video shows the DJI drone going all the way up to 3.4 km ( 11000 ft). The operator decided to get the drone back down when it had 27% of charge left. When it reached the ground, it had only 4% of charge.

This is totally insane, idiotic and also illegal. And it goes without saying, Don’t try this at home!!!

Here’s the crazy high altitude drone video :


Again , don’t try this even when you are high on a deserted island.

Via Vidme


Cover image source – Inventabit