Here’s how you can make your own “Centriphone “

making of centriphone

One month back , we covered the Centriphone project in this article – Create stunning “Bullet Time effect ” with a swinging Iphone . 

Swiss professional skier Nicolas Vuignier’s Centriphone project went viral. Many people were astonished after watching the stunning visuals shot by swinging an Iphone. But few people accused Vuignier of using a drone instead of an Iphone.  And many others requested the Swiss skier to show how it’s done.

And finally, Nicolas Vuignier has released the making video of the Centriphone project to answer all the questions that were raised. He explains how he got the idea and also shows the series of Prototypes that he ended up with while developing this project. From building a rig from cardboard then from wood and finally he 3D printed it.

Here’s the video :

But there’s more. The centriphone is an open source project and you can contribute by developing the existing centriphone . You can get the 3D files to develop the project with the help of DIY instructions or pre-order a centriphone for yourself here –

This is how the final rig looks like

This is how the final rig looks like


centriphone rig


Via Nicolas Vuignier 

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