Learnings from the Fearless conference – Part 4

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Photographer – William Lambelet

What an honest Frenchman! I was stumped that he attended a year of classes to get conversational and make a presentation in English at FC 2017. Kudos to his hard work, sincerity and motivation! He spoke from his heart about the importance of every moment and emotion. Brownie points for holding our attention with animated slides.

His game changing tips:

  • Save time, go back to the basics and use camera presets. If you’ve got to shoot the bride from two different angles and light conditions, station the subject, preset the camera and shoot away. A definite application would be from the front and rear of a stage.
  • Never stop photographing even if nothing important is happening. This will keep pushing you to try new things and keep you on the toe to look for new subjects and moments to shoot.
  • Set the objects in context. Instead of just shoes and rings, put them in a space where there is more meaning. It will help tell a story rather than just a picture of a shoe or ring This will help tell a story rather than just having a shot of a shoe that could be anybodies or taken anywhere

Check out some of his images below and be sure to check out his website for more inspiring work!

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