Learnings from the Fearless Conference – Part 2


Photographer – Victor Lax

Coming from a small town in Spain, Victor has become a phenomenon in the wedding photography space. Winner of 2016 top Fearless wedding photographer of the year, Victor’s work oozes with passion and clearly conveys that the person holding the lens was extremely active. He works really hard to get the right composition and moves close to far lithely. A photojournalist, his shots always had an element of intrigue as the subjects are on to something and the viewer is left with an incomplete story to interpret. Victor showed us his attention to detail and obsession to catch the right frame. He showed us how he culls and edits a picture from a montage of 80 pictures of a single moment. His black and white edits are a visual treat. The black is extreme and there is a lot of detail.

His game changing tips:

  • Take many pictures before and after a moment. It will give you a chance to choose the right picture later.

  • Remember that you are creating a testimony of this era. Make sure you make a mark!

Check out some of his images below and be sure to check out his website for more inspiring work!

Mallorca-wedding-2 03 Mallorca-wedding-5 Mallorca-wedding-6 01gal3 14 Mallorca-wedding-14 Mallorca-wedding-34 gal4 gal9

View his work

Website                – http://www.victorlax.net/en/

Facebook Page    – Lax-Photography