Learnings from the Fearless conference – Part 3

Best-female-PhotographerKirsten Lewis featured

Photographer – Kirsten Lewis

An inspirational speech from someone who isn’t even a wedding photographer! This was the most personal and motivating speech I have heard. She does family portraits that have soul and chronicle the lives of her subjects in a powerfully meaningful way. She showed us how she rethinks these portraits during her 3 day stay with the family. She reminded us that photography should be a reflection of you, and your love for it rather than for Facebook likes or Insta posts.

Her game changing tips:

  • Just follow the muse and you’ll see all the action unfurl around them and the infinite perfect shots that happen around them.
  • Never judge your subjects. The moment you do that your photography becomes a reflection of your judgement and that will impact the outcome of the picture in so many ways. Your subject may not be the thinnest, most beautiful, or perfect featured, but your job is only to photograph them and not judge them.
  • Only one picture at a time. Don’t try to be an over achiever and jump around to get many pictures in a short time. You may return with quantity and later realize that quality was compromised. The trick is to compose, wait, and shoot pictures in the same frame and move to the next only once you are confident. Wait for something interesting to happen before moving to the next. Mindfulness about surroundings must continue so that you don’t miss something and lose focus on one picture.

Check out some of her images below and be sure to check out her website for more inspiring work!

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View her work

Website                – http://www.kirstenlewisphoto.com/

Facebook Page    – https://www.facebook.com/kirstenlewisphoto/

Instagram             – https://www.instagram.com/kirstenlphotog/

Pinterest            – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/233483561905897125/