Learnings from the Fearless conference – Part 5


Cromatica Photography – Robert Trica & Trina Groza

Heart warming! It was a complete surprise to watch a beautiful couple delivering an honest speech about the professional and personal roller coaster ride they’ve been on. They revealed the good, bad, and ugly candidly and humbly. Their opening disclaimer about being nervous and requesting not to be taken seriously was an assurance of their authenticity to the audience. Their presentation contained cartoon styled illustrations that were spot on and conveyed the message in style.

Their game changing tips for wedding photography:

  • Never work to be better than others. There is always someone stronger or better than you.
  • Don’t be jealous. You should grow and flourish.
  • Shoot more to capture the essence of your city. Their couple shoots in Romania shows viewers the soul of the city. These pictures become a chronicle of the city, and its culture in a particular era.
  • Focus more on emotion not on the action
  • Love the physical imperfections and do not judge.
  • Copy copy its very easy to copy but innovate and be yourself.

Check out some of their images below and be sure to check out their website for more inspiring work!

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