Learnings from the Fearless conference – Part 1


Fearlessphotographers.com is my favourite wedding photography website to find new inspiration. It celebrates wedding photographers all over the world who are able to do more than just click pictures at weddings. They feature photographers who have a distinct imagination in their online collections.

I love the Fearless team for the way they curate content.

I’ve been following this website from the beginning of my journey as a photographer and it was such an honour when I finally became a Fearless awardee this year for the following picture.


Earlier this year I attended the Fearless conference in Budapest and am absolutely gung-ho from the energy and motivation at the conference . As an artist, the conference was both humbling and inspiring. Being audience to passionate achievers in this field was fierce and electrical.

I begin a series of blogs to share five photographers whose presentations were outliers and contained tips to push your wedding photography to the next level.

Cooked Photography

Jeff and Jenn, of Cooked Photography kickstarted the conference. The power couple are a perfect example of how to work in tandem whether at a photo shoot or at a presentation.

Their game changing tips for wedding photography:

  • Use the Big and Far Approach instead of right and left
  • Create shooter zones, for instance, first shooter covers traditions up close and the second takes risks and alternates.
  • Build friendships and not client lists. Because friendships will take you very far not a client list.
  • Renaissance artists achieved excellence in their era through collaboration. Collaboration is the recipe for a successful artist not competition.
  • Importance of balanced storytelling which means pictures are not just pretty but have their photojournalistic moments.
  • Build a super team. Behind every successful person is a supportive team.
  • Shoot inside out and not outside in. Move from within the story outside. Begin shooting from close quarters before slowly moving outward.

Check out some of their images below and be sure to check out their website for more inspiring work!

halifax_wedding_photographers_prince_george_hotel_kassharrison-5 edmonton_wedding_photographers_jeff_cooke_cooked_photography_1 cooked_photography_halifax_wedding_photographers_nova_scotia_destinations_east_coast_photography-10c halifax_wedding_photographers_jeff_cooke_jenn_nauss_cooked_photography_lot_six_wedding-4 JCP_A+P_Wedding-91 cooked_photography_halifax_wedding_photographers_nova_scotia_destinations_east_coast_photography-18 sick_and_tired_wedding_cooked cooked_photography_halifax_wedding_photographers_nova_scotia_destinations_east_coast_photography-15 pei_wedding_photographers_halifax_weddings_nova_scotia_jeff_cooke_hb_10B cooked_photography_halifax_wedding_photographers_nova_scotia_destinations_east_coast_photography-7 wedding_photographers_jeff_cooke_halifax_destinations_23 cooked_photography_halifax_wedding_photographers_nova_scotia_destinations_east_coast_photography-30

View their work

Website                – http://jeffcookephotography.ca/

Facebook Page    – https://www.facebook.com/cookedphotography/

Instagram             – https://www.instagram.com/cookedphotography/