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Things to know before hiring Drone photography for your dream wedding 

Yes, drones are the new stars in town and they are taking every industry by storm. Wedding photography is no exception to this rising trend, and everyone is going crazy over it already. We know that drones take photos/videos from spectacular angles and they come with a hefty price tag. But is it worth to take that extra mile to capture your memories? In our experience, here we share a few know-hows which might be helpful when you decide to include drone photography in your dream wedding.

Drones are electronic devices and almost anybody can fly it with the sleek remote controls, but that doesn’t mean you can make your best friend pilot it on your big day. You definitely don’t want the flying object to crash land on people or even on an empty turf. It is going to cost you a lot in many ways then. It is mandatory that you have trained professionals to fly the drones. In US, if you need to fly a drone for commercial purposes, you need to be a FAA part 107 certified Drone Pilot. Also the pilot is required to have an insurance. Since we don’t have absolutely any regulations in India, you need to take extreme care before using or hiring one.

Undoubtedly, the pictures that drones capture can never be clicked by the ground-based photographers for obvious reasons. Especially if your wedding is on a grand venue, then an aerial shot with a wider perspective will be a cool capture. That’s something that no one but a drone can do. Drones are pretty tough and the latest ones can endure tricky conditions, but they can’t stand crazy rains or heavy winds. So take the weather of your venue into account when you decide to ‘go drone’.

Just as we talked about the limitless perspectives of drones, it is also important to warn how dangerous it gets when handled up close. Drones are strictly long distance-gadgets and it is advisable not to try close-up shots with them unless and until its one of those mini drones. The sharp blades, well, you get the picture. You can gather your crowd and say ‘Hi’ out to the sky or just have a calm couple-moment on a wide green lawn. Drones can do magic to simple moments with its versatile angles.

We’ve seen a lot of weddings where drones are flying inside the wedding hall with little kids jumping and chasing it, which can be dangerous. Drones can fly inside but considering the risk factor, it is best to fly them outdoors where there are no closed structures limiting it. It is extremely dangerous and its funny to see clients asking for a drone even if the event is indoors. In india we don’t have drone insurance too. All the pain for a bad footage that is never used. From the top the Indian wedding gathering looks very chaotic. Except the excitement of a flying device on the top of people there is no purpose that the drone serves here. Drones should not fly indoors because of the Poor GPS connectivity, electromagnetic interference and lot more technical reasons too.

With proper pre-planning, you can do wonders with drone photography. Imagine yourself flipping your wedding album on your 10th anniversary and finding the sweeping aerial pictures of your venue and more. Totally worth it!