How to create distinct images of the same moment: creative wedding photography

If you’ve been shooting weddings for a while, you’ll notice that some of your images of particular rituals look the same—shot at the same height, the same angle, sometimes even with the same settings. This is also an indication of a more serious problem.

You’re getting into a creative rut, and that’s the worst place to be for an artist—a photographer in this case.

Having faith in your abilities is the first step in getting out of the quick sand of repetition. Most often, we find a comfortable place (both mentally and physically) and if the customer is not complaining, the shots will reappear in the next wedding as well as the one following that.

You’ve got to step out of this comfort zone and look for new ways to shoot a particular scene. Whether it is a new angle, a new way of exposing (low key or high key), a new aperture, or a new perspective…there are no limits to introducing variety in your shots.

Some creative wedding photography ideas:

#1. Dump the dreamy aperture and shoot with a wide-angle lens


#2. Choose a new vantage point and create a new story

#3. A new perspective redefines how the viewer absorbs the story




#4. A wider lens introduces additional characters to a story-telling composition


#5. Change where you shoot from and you have a totally different shot


These are a few simple ways to kick the monotony out of your pictures and make each wedding a unique one. If you have ideas to share, we’ll be glad to hear from you.


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