Emerging photographer of the week – Navaneeth Unnikrishnan, Astro photography

Navaneeth Unnikrishnan from Kerala, started photography as a hobby using a basic Canon DSLR and later specialized in imaging Deep Sky Objects. The more he looked into the Universe, the more he fell in love with it, finding his forte in Astro photography over the time. His images have been published in Magazines and websites, including National Geographic, Space.com and more. He is also the winner of the photography competition conducted by National Geographic Traveler India and National Students Space Challenge 2014 hosted by IIT Kharagpur. Take a look as he crisply opens up with Cambyte in our interview.

1) What are the planning or parameters involved in selecting a place to shoot the night sky from?

I try to select a place really far away from the city where you don’t get light popping up in your images. I also plan according to the weather as it directly plays a huge role  because sometimes you travel a long distance and by the time you setup your camera the sky gets cloudy.


2) What does “Astro photography” mean to you?

For me Astro photography is a hobby and passion. From my childhood, I was fascinated by space and moreover it is photographing the past as we are imaging light emitted millions and millions of years ago.


3) What are the biggest obstacles in doing Astro photography?

I would say the clouds, city lights and humidity.



4) What is the best advice you could give someone who wants to get into Astro photography?

Astro photography is something that requires a lot of travelling if you are in a city or nearby a city so, if that is the case it is going to hard as you will need to travel a long distance each time. Sometimes you have to be awake all night. For a starter its better to know the sky, constellations, timing of the milky way at your location. Trust your camera.


5) According to you what constitutes a good “Astro photograph”?

A good Astro image is always a personal taste. For me, it’s something with good data and detail in the case of deep space images. As for milky way images its more about framing.









You can follow Navaneeth’s work at,

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/nthrocks 

Facebook page – http://on.fb.me/1eef6Ny

Instagram – https://instagram.com/navaneeth_unnikrishnan/


  1. Susahnt Eapen said:

    Navaneeth Unnikrishnan has been a great source of inspiration in Star Photography.
    Thanks a lot.