Apple iPhone 7 Plus Flaunts its “Portrait Mode”

Apple recently published “The City”, an extended video which demonstrates the iPhone 7 Plus “Portrait Mode”, which is a special feature available only on this Apple device. It has a dual camera system for 2x optical zoom having two dedicated lenses, one that isolates the subject and the other that blurs out the background.

The Sony A6500 creates a similar effect with its dedicated cameras which has large lenses.

“The City” doesn’t even look like a commercial. It shows the adventures of a young Asian couple’s day around the city using the iPhone 7 Plus. The video ends as a photo reel of all the high-quality pictures shot in the Portrait Mode, unique only to the iPhone 7 plus. It concludes perfectly with its tagline – You can focus on only what is important to you.

Apple has shared tips for using the Portrait Mode to create your own magical pictures.

Portrait Mode is currently limited to the iPhone 7 Plus hardware. The word on the street is that the iPhone 8 design, expected to be showcased at the end of the year, will feature a new design with a vertical dual camera system.