Amazing hyperlapse shot with handheld DJI Osmo


DJI has been releasing series of videos shot with the handheld DJI Osmo. The latest video is from the Vietnamese capital city of Saigon shot by Photographer Rufus Blackwell completely handheld. But what makes this video interesting is that it features a hyperlapse sequence that was shot handheld!!! And the result is breath-taking.


See the video below :

The photographer says “Because the camera is so steady, you can create hyper-lapse sequences from shooting video, a completely new way of creating a moving time-lapse . This allows you so much latitude in post, you can warp time. This was a highly experimental shoot, I was amazed by the results.”


Here’s a video from the series taken in India :

FYI , the DJI Osmo 4K camera costs around $565 !