5 reasons Album Parrot is the most practical album proofing tool in the market

Album proofing tool

For a long time now, the most common method of receiving feedback on draft album designs/layouts was sending two separate links: one link for the album layouts and another for the image gallery. An alternative to the latter is sending the customer a contact sheet.

The problem with this method is the amount of time it takes to toggle between tabs, besides the fact that it’s inconvenient. Referencing image numbers to make changes to the album designs can sometimes consume hours.

So, when I stumbled upon Album Parrot, it took me no time to realize that the solution to the proofing problem has finally arrived.

Album proofing tool

Reason number 1: Album Parrot makes album proofing a breeze

Unlike traditional methods, Album Parrot integrates the album layout and reference image views into a single interface or proofing window.

To make changes to a specific image in the layout, all you need to do is tap on the image and a comment block will be created.

To replace an image, you can drag-drop an image from the gallery on to the image you want replaced. Like before, the tool creates a comment block, but this time a thumbnail of the image along with the filename/image name will be created as a comment cue.

To learn more, watch this instructional video:

Reason number 2: Customers can view all previous versions

If changes have been made to layouts, customers can view and compare latest layout versions with previous iterations. This can be done on the same proofing window—unlike the methods we have been used to in the past.

For more information on album proof versioning, view this video:

Reason number 3: An incredibly simple workflow

To create album proofs, you start by uploading the layouts. There are two ways of doing it. You can either upload them from your local computer or link to your gallery on any of the photo hosting/storage websites (Shootproof, Zenfolio, Smugmug, Pixieset, and Instaproofs).

The next step is uploading the image gallery. As before, you can upload the files from your local computer or link to a gallery.

Album Parrot offers customization options for your proofing window. This is the final step in the album proof creation process. Once this is done, you can share the link to the proofs with your client.

Clients will then comment, or approve the album. Comments will be displayed in a comment block in the proofing window, and you will also receive a notification email with a consolidated list of all client comments.

You can then make changes to the layouts and create a new version for the client to view.

Album proofing tool

All of these processes are intuitive and fast—which makes Album Parrot an efficient choice to simplify part of your business workflow. Besides, they have a highly responsive customer service team to help you in case you face any hurdles.

Reason number 4: Integration with the most popular image hosting and storage websites

Album Parrot integrates with the most common and popular hosting and image storing websites—Zenfolio, Smugmug, Pixieset, Shootproof, and Instaproofs. Which means you don’t have to make any changes to your existing workflow to include Album Parrot for proofing.

Integration with all of these platforms is seamless, and I haven’t faced any issues so far. Downloading or linking to galleries is fast, and I have been able to integrate galleries within minutes.

Reason number 5: Create an album app

While this may not be the best feature of Album Parrot, frills are always welcome. You can easily convert your approved album proof into an app that your clients can view, share and flaunt.

Your clients will love that for sure.

There’s more

Like every great efficiency tool, there’s more to Album Parrot. To learn more about how Album Parrot can make life easier for you, visit www.albumparrot.com.


Album Parrot has everything it takes to be your go-to proofing tool. It is fast, easy, and highly efficient. At $6.66 per month (or $66.70 per year, with 2 months free subscription), it isn’t expensive either.

What we would like of course is an evolution. If there was a way to integrate album creation with album proofing, for example integrating the features of a Fundy Designer or Smart Albums into Album Parrot, photographers will have one less tool to use. We hope the good folks at Album Parrot are listening.


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