About Cambyte

The regular hobbyist thinks a better camera will make him a better photographer. The average layman looking to hire a photographer can’t tell a good picture from a bad one. The hardworking, technically sound professional doesn’t seem to be growing beyond the dozen Facebook likes.

With Cambyte, we’re looking to change all of that. To turn notions around, bring about a radical change in the way you approach photography, feed your dormant creativity, and give you answers to the problems that hold you back. So that you can be the rockstar photographer that you always wanted to be!

How are we different from the several hundred photo blogs that you’ve already seen? Not much, if we’re talking about the nature of information. We are going to be dishing out tips and tutorials, reviews, interviews, and the like.

But, there are certain key differences!

One, we’re going to keep it straight and simple. No tall tech talk, no jargon. We believe in conversations, and in telling you what you need to know—not cramming you with details that make no difference to your pictures.

Two, we are as passionate as you are, and we’re equally eager to look for answers as you are. So, what you’ll get to read is not superficial advice or “this is a general way of doing it” articles, but in-depth, “this is how you can do it” guidance. Plus, we are practicing professional photographers who can relate to your “unique” problems, and therefore we’ll be able to tell you what solutions might work.

Finally, we believe a resource like Cambyte, just as every other photography resource should be, has to be centered on you, the reader. What this means is we’ll do everything possible to bring you content that you’d want to read and use—not just any generic information that only serve as icebreakers with fellow photogs.

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  1. Ankit Sharma said:

    Hi, I am a journalism student and photography is part of my life, I have nearly done all kind of photography from streets to stars and would love to show you guys my work.
    I have a huge collection which I have not yet uploaded on any social media