4 Things every Wedding Photographer should have in their Wardrobe


Nothing has been a bigger eyesore than a photographer sticking out like a sore thumb in a crowd of thousands.

An unsettling question among wedding photographers is: what do I wear when I’m shooting a wedding?

Shooting in Indian conditions can take a toll on you and of course, a t-shirt and shorts would be perfect, but we’re at a wedding where almost all the guests are dressed really well, and like it or not, appearances matter! Here are a few things every wedding photographer should have in their wardrobe.


1) Kurta Pajama

A Cotton Kurta paired with a good Pajama is always a good combination to wear to any Indian Wedding. It is extremely comfortable, airy and also eliminates the chance of a wardrobe malfunction (read display of underwear) when going for those low angle shots.

Avoid stand out vibrant colors, this is not the place for your vibrant pink top. Stick to the more subtle colors.

Pair that kurta with a nice vest coat to get a more sophisticated look for the more fancy weddings.

Tip – Print your Company Logo on the Vest Coat(see cover pic) to add a layer of personalization.

2) Loafers

A good pair of loafers is a must for any man’s wardrobe. Same holds true for a wedding photographer. Sometimes during certain rituals you may have to take off your shoes and putting them back on can become a hassle. Loafers solve this problem as they can be taken off and put back on with relative ease and loafers can also be worn without socks.

3) Small messenger bag

Running around with a big backpack can be tiring and also obstructive. We suggest you leave the big camera bag in a safe place and put any extra gear you may be needing like a lens, flash,trigger,etc in a small messenger bag which will enable you to be more mobile.

Tip – Try getting a fashionable bag like the Think Tank Leather series for a more sophisticated look.

Source – Think Tank

4) Steel watch (optional)

A watch is one of the very few accessories a man can sport. Wear a good steel watch to add a layer of class.


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Cover photo by Ramkumar Ramachandran. Used with permission.