A cheap method for macro photography


Macro photography opens up a whole new world and you will start to see details around you, which you would not normally notice. But the only barrier into the macro world is the heavy price tag of macro lenses. The following two methods, which am going to discuss will give you pretty good quality pictures but if you are a serious macro photography enthusiast, then you have to invest in a good macro lens. Ok, lets dive in.


1) Reverse Mounting technique

This method is the most bizarre one and you would not have even dreamt of such a technique. Remove your lens from the camera body and flip it over and hold it close to the camera, where you normally mount your lens. Basically, you are reversing the lens. This technique gives you high magnification of the subject. Since you are removing the lens from the body, there wont be automatic controls functioning. That means, you cannot auto focus or control the aperture values. So how do you focus the subject?

Move front and back. Yes, you heard it right. It can be really hard to hold the body and lens together and move at the same time. Instead you can purchase a cheap reverse ring adapter, which makes it relatively easier to hold the camera and lens together and probably keep them safe too.


Where to get it:



Few pictures taken using reverse ring method. (Source – Josh Jhonson)






2) Extension tubes

An extension tube basically extends the length of your lens. Every lens has a minimum focusing distance, which restricts the photographer from getting very close to the subject. By using the extension tubes, the lens gets closed to your subject and still can maintain proper focus. These tubes come in various sizes. Typically, they come in 7mm, 14mm and 28mm. They are very cheap when compared to a proper macro lens but a little pricey when compared to the reverse ring method. Like in reverse ring method, automatic controls are restricted in the case of manual extension tubes. There are expensive versions of the tubes that have electronic contacts, which will help in auto focusing and aperture control from the body. Otherwise, you would have to find a manual aperture control lens, which has an aperture ring on the lens to control the depth of field. DOF is very thin while using these tubes and it can push the subject out of focus when we have the aperture very wide open.


Where to get it:



Few pictures taken using extension tube method.



 IMG_1051 copy_cambyte

Now it’s  time to get out there click some good macro shots. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on our facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/507012186130047/