8 best websites for wedding photographers

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We often repeat that wedding photography is a genre of genres—a fine mix of art, photojournalism, product, landscape, and beauty. Now that dinosaurs are part of wedding group shots, we believe wildlife photography has been thrown into the mix as well. Imagine the amount of brain exercise a wedding photographer will need. So, we’re doing our bit to bring you some of the best websites for wedding photographers–for photography and business tips and techniques, post processing guidance, and inspiration to push you higher.

8 websites for wedding photographers

Trust us, each one of these websites is a goldmine in itself. Check them out.

#1. SLR Lounge

Established and run by one of the most popular wedding studios in the world—Lin & Jirsa Photography—SLR Lounge is among the most visually appealing tutorial sites online. But, that’s not why you should visit. They’ve got articles on the A-Z of photography, reviews of gear, editing tutorials, inspiration, and a lovely preset store. What more do you need?

#2. Jasmine Star’s blog

Widely regarded as one of the most influential wedding photographers, Jasmine Star is also a walking-talking knowledge base who can give you potent advice on kick-starting and running a successful wedding business and, most importantly, about how to make customers love you. We all need that.

#3. Ice Society

Does Jerry Ghionis need any introduction? If you’ve been living in the Stone Age, he is inarguably one of the top 5 wedding photographers in the world. And, when he decides to share his knowledge, can anybody say no? The catch is, you’ll need to be a paid member of The Ice Society to access all the awesome behind-the-scenes videos and shooting guidance delivered by the legend himself. Of course, there are a few free resources that surpass a hundred other websites in the richness of content.

#4. FStoppers

Quite simply, one of the best photography blogs online. There isn’t anything they don’t talk about. Just make sure you have a lot of time in hand—you’ll not be able to resist reading another article after the one you’ve just read.

#5. CreativeLive

What’s more awesome than the masters of photography and editing—Art Wolfe, Lindsay Adler, Sue Bryce, Peter Hurley, Joel Grimes, to name a few—showing you how to make awesome pictures? Yes, there are a gazillion videos that will take you on a pleasure trip and leave you enriched. To access the videos for free, just make sure you mark your calendar for the live feed.

#6. Neil VN’s Tangents

Still struggling to make great pictures at ordinary locations? Or, to figure out just how to use a speedlight to make wedding pictures special? Neil is your man.

#7. Junebug Weddings

A treat for the eyes, Junebug Weddings brings you some of the best wedding pictures across the world. If you need inspiration, look no further.

#8. Pinterest

How can we leave Pinterest out? We can’t spend a day without it, can we?

Still reading this post after all the amazing links we’ve given you? Sure, we know you want more. So, stay tuned until our future post with a lot more information about the websites you can visit.


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