8 Simples ways to stay motivated in photography


In your head. It’s quite frustrating, but it’s not going to be difficult to get back up and motivate yourself. Lets discuss few things that can be tried.

1. Starting a project


Start a small personal project. If you need help, there are many projects listed online. What this does, is that you develop a routine in your daily work. Since you bring this to your daily life activity, its going to give you the opportunity to think outside the box. So, don’t think of anything, just start it right away.

2. Join a club

There are many photographic communities that welcome photographers, be in online or in person. They would be a great opportunity for you to meet new people, try new techniques. There are even few groups which hosts weekly photo-walks in their respective cities. Hearing other photographers constructive advice about your images give you a different perspective.

3. Take a trip


Yes ! Take a break, Its going to really help when you have a change of scenery. Doing this can put you in a new situation which in turn give you the excitement that always brings. Travel walks you through different cultures, fun experiences and new friends. You will appreciate the small details that can be overlooked when you’re accustomed to a place.

4. Try a new subject


Much like the location being a stagnant, It’s easy to feel like your subject can get boring too. If you’re a portrait photographer, try shooting some landscapes or macro. Try to open your vision to a genre you have not focused on, the ones that you generally won’t usually try. New shoes will always up your excitement.

5. Explore new forms

When I feel stuck, I always try something new or something old that I used to do. For instance I would shoot only in black & white, or I would shoot with my old film camera, or I would shoot using a simple polaroid camera. What is actually does is that, It make you feel like your playing again. Completely changing how you shoot can get you a whole different experience.

6. Use some new gear


There is always this excitement you get when you unbox a new kit, that you can’t wait to use. Treating yourself with a new gear can spark your lost enthusiasm for shooting, and allow you to try out alternative techniques. If you feel you cant afford a new lens and gears, borrow them from your friends. Or Try “Lumoid” (https://lumoid.com/) where you can borrow latest gears and try them out for a fraction of the actual cost.

7. Shoot memories not great shots

We as photographers are always determined to shoot the most photographically perfect image possible. It’s a necessity. But sometimes this can really bring us to our rut of no improvements. So take a deep breath, let go of the technical details and try concentrating on the emotions, try to capture memories for a while. Use your camera at home, or at a party and shoot images of family and friends that you’ll look back on in years to relish the laugh and smiles.

8. Remind yourself why you do it

Think about why you picked up your camera and shoot for the first time. Why did you start? Why do you do this? What do I achieve by this? Taking your mind back to the purpose of why you started shooting can often be a great way to make you want to start again.