8 distinct wedding photography styles that you can get inspired from

wedding photography styles

Most discussions about wedding photography styles dwell mainly upon contemporary and traditional forms. But, that is just shoehorning a beautiful art into ambiguous categories that don’t speak a lot about the nuances in making images.

So, we bring to you some of the most popular wedding photography styles practiced by a few of the best wedding photographers in the world. And know that their styles are distinct, and that’s precisely why they’ve been able to carve a big space for themselves in an increasingly crowded photography industry.

Jerry Ghionis

Jerry is widely regarded as one of the top 5 best wedding photographers in the world. His style is what he calls “vintage glamour meeting contemporary fashion”. He has the unique ability to take an average scene and turn it into a powerful and beautiful masterpiece. Jerry’s style is what we call timeless, and for good reason. After 300 odd weddings spread over nearly 20 years, his images give us ample proof of their agelessness.

wedding photography styles

Jerry Ghionis’ style is a combination of vintage glamour and contemporary fashion

Cliff Mautner

Cliff is a Nikon brand ambassador, and is one of the masters of using light in the most soulful way. Often lighting his scenes with just a sliver of light or with lovely rim light during the day, his images have stood the test of time—and his style remains distinct to this day.

Wedding photography styles

Cliff Mautner’s images are soulful and are based on reduction of light

Lanny and Erika Mann

Of all modern-day wedding photographers, Lanny and Erika Mann are considered among the best. Their style is modern, edgy, bold, and experimental at times.

Wedding photography styles

Experimental, edgy, and modern–that’s Larry and Erika Mann for you

Chrisman Studios

A boutique of some of the best contemporary photographers in the world, Chrisman Studios bring the most aesthetic mix of experimental, fine art, and reportage styles to the wedding industry. Be inspired.

Wedding photography styles

Chrisman Studios combine the best of reportage and fine art styles

Lin and Jirsa

People still love clean, crisp and airy. And, that’s what Lin and Jirsa Photography aim to deliver — editorial and magazine-style images is their USP.

With Lin and Jirsa, you get clean, crisp and airy images.

With Lin and Jirsa, you get clean, crisp and airy images.

Keda Z

Keda Z Feng revolutionized the practice of turning wedding images into signature pieces of art. The only way to know more about his style is by taking a good long look at each of his masterpieces.

wedding photography styles

Each of Keda Z Feng’s images is a signature masterpiece

Zurihsia Studios

“Clean” post production has always been in fashion, but Zurihsia Studios show you why the other side of the world is equally adventurous. All of their images are processed in the most inimitable way possible, and they have won several awards to demonstrate that their abstract style is here to stay.

Wedding photography styles

Zurihsia’s images are uniquely processed and stand out in an increasingly commercialized wedding photography market.

Ryan Brenizer

Ryan is one of the biggest and most successful examples of modern-day reportage style of photography. This style is also the most common among contemporary photographers, and is also the safest to practice—simply because you can’t go wrong with it.

Wedding photography styles

Ryan Brenizer is the best example of modern-day reportage style of photography

Have you come across other styles? Do share with us.




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