7 sensational things every Photographer can learn from AR RAHMAN


Big fan! Grew up listening to his songs, watching him perform and much more of what makes him AR RAHMAN. He is clearly more than a musician… he is an inspiration that touches every soul that his very thought reaches to. In the hindsight when I look back, being an ardent fan of ARR, I vividly find a lot of my strengths having found roots from him. For an artist, there is so much that he offers to be looked upon. And more specifically, in my experience, I believe there is so much that the photographers can learn from him too. Here is a list of quick pointers that hit my mind:



PC: Rakesh Prakash

The way ARR remains humble as a human and simple as a personality – is definitely something we all need to look upon. Today as we see, the number of people taking up photography is phenomenally high, which is good. But then, after having only a handful of photos to their name, the first thing they do is come up with a brand name, create a watermark in their name and bombard the market and people with rocketing prices. Marketing is one thing but then, gathering strength in one’s skill and then exhibiting it for the love of it is very important. Even after a period of time, just because we have earned a lot of money and fame, doesn’t mean we have to develop wings and stay suspended. It is important to stay rooted, just the way ARR is.



PC: Arun Titan

The problem with many of us is that we rise high like a ride with something remarkable, only to fall to the success the very next moment. Consistency is very important in photography. You have to be that kid who always wants to learn and that teenager who always wants to try. No image is perfect and you are never done. It is only with consistent practice that success stays intact on the long run. If you look at ARR, there is not a stone that he hasn’t turned or not a season that he hasn’t been performing; something for all of us to adhere to.



PC: Arun Titan

The irony about our generation is that we all want changes, but when they happen, we are either not ready for it or unable to accept it. Time is rapidly changing and trends are scaling. Be it product or wedding or any genre of photography, there is a humongous evolution in progress. What we master today are a matter of past in no time and we have to be up on the field to learnt what’s new. Business, Technology, Social Media, Techniques and more: there is so much to learn in photography. Stay open to critiques and be your first difference of opinion, yourself. If ARR hadn’t been so open to the changes in his way, we wouldn’t be seeing him scoring so many National awards and the 2 Oscars at the stroke of his mind. Stay with the time and sail with the change, that’s the best way to see it through.



PC: Rakesh Prakash

The science of success lies in the art of collaboration. One of the interesting things about ARR is the way he finds avenues/people to connect with both on the domestic and global levels. When more than one excited mind is put to work, the chances of awesomeness are always high. As photographers, it is important that we get along with our fellow artists and work on projects every now and then. The confusion is always in the credits, which is the last thing to worry about in the pursuit of excellence.



PC: Rakesh Prakash

The best quality of a leader is creating more leaders for the world to get better, faster. More than any other musicians in the Industry, it is ARR who has always put his team to the fore and has given the space & spotlight they need. Many successful artists have owed their experience with ARR as the life-changing moment of their careers. As photographers, when we hold a team of passionate individuals to work on our projects, what is also important is to identify the ones who are entrepreneurial, and empower them to scale new heights when their time comes.



PC: Rakesh Prakash

It is truly inspiring to the way ARR relates to spiritualism. For every photographer, there are waves of emotions on the same line when those magical realizations happen in the course of work. Work, in this case is truly everything, and to devote, appreciate and celebrate one’s passion is all that it takes to take one closer to God. And the need to connect to the inner voice is the foremost task to do too. It can be Yoga or meditation or a sport, whatever that makes you feel alive inside, make sure you spend enough time on it to connect to your self.



PC: Arun Titan

KM Music Conservatory is the first of its kind in India established by ARR in 2008 to allow more musical minds to flourish in the country. As photographers and memory makers, we have a great deal of responsibility to share our knowledge and experience with the sprouting generation. That’s precisely the reason I enjoy doing workshops over and over, and connect to more people on their dreams. As a community, we must aspire to create more synergy into this.

When I was doing my MS in the States, I once got lucky to see him up close and shoot him on the stage too during the concert. It is a golden memory that stays close to my heart and all I could wish for is two things now: To continue what I am doing now with all the heart and to get the opportunity to meet him some time and remain in silence or shoot many pictures. We do have a lot to learn from the Maestro, don’t we?

We do have a lot to learn from the Maestro, don’t we?