7 offbeat websites for photo enthusiasts

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The best thing about being a photographer in today’s times is that we get to see all the fun other photographers are indulging in. Sometimes, we’re envious…at times, we can’t help cracking up…most times, we’re just in awe of how everybody loves to share. Be it the latest shooting upside-down trick they’ve learnt or compiling all of their knowledge in a neat little blog, there’s always an interesting takeaway. It’s the simple joy of shooting and sharing the experience that most of us get addicted to.

Paying it forward is always fun. So, here’s the first of our regular “offbeat websites” series—a collection of  blogs or resources you wouldn’t normally stumble across. Because the learning never stops, these will give you a new pair of eyes and tonnes of new perspectives. We will also be mixing it up for novelty sakes—business fodder, reviews and news along with the usual truckload of techniques.

Recommended websites for photo enthusiasts

#1. Beyond Megapixels: Everything about the industry, gear, techniques, and pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to the subject of photography.

#2. Photopreneur: Want your photos to make money for you? Head to this page for a dozen different ways…along with business news you can’t miss.

#3. Photocritic: Sarcasm is a good thing, especially when critiques are swathed in it. Makes for a fun read, don’t you think? Photocritic also talks about the latest in photography—gear or techniques.

#4. Photolovecat: We all love gossip, don’t we? Since it’s about photography after all, you can easily justify this curious bend of mind.

#5. 7Photographyquestions: So you wanted to know how Gregory Heisler shot the controversial picture of President George Bush? Well, maybe not that, but you get the gist. Yeah, there are loads of interviews with top photographers and you have all the inside info you craved for. Keep the fishing lines ready.

#6. Lighting Essentials: Heck, we can never quench our thirst for light. We are photographers after all. Fortunately, you have a lot of resources to get you started in your study and application of light. Just like this one.

#7. Assignment Construct: What if someone were to show and tell you exactly how they made a picture? Here’s your dream come true.

Stay tuned for the next set of offbeat websites.


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