5 techniques to make your couple portraits more interesting

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Guy and girl sharing an intimate moment. Check.

Guy and girl sharing a light moment. Check.

Guy and girl checking each other out. Double check.

Out of ideas yet? If so, these 5 simple techniques can add some freshness to your couple portraits. 

#1. Compose through objects


Composing with a couple in the foreground is old school. The in-thing now is composing with the couple in the background and shooting through the available line of sight.

#2. Drama through dynamic elements

Add a dynamic element to an otherwise static frame, and you’ll see your images coming alive. It takes creativity of course to figure out what that dynamic element can be.

#3. Use “human resources”

Portraits of the couple, and nobody else in the frame, is what everybody else is doing. You can stray from the beaten path and tell a new story. Including other people in your portrait adds humor (even intrigue at times), without actually taking the attention away from the couple.

#4. Go abstract

Using bokeh in unique ways can lend an ethereal feel to images. Since you can use any object you can lay your hands on for out-of-focus foregrounds, you’ll often end up making unbelievably good images.

#5. Tell a story of contrasts

Our mind is tuned to accept certain stories. And we plug in elements that complement those stories. Take these elements away and replace them with something more out-of-the-box and you’ll find your story being rewritten. Try it, you’ll love it—so will your audience.

Have you found any new ways to make interesting couple portraits?


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