5 reasons why wedding photography is not for you

Indian wedding

We’ve come across several posts that talk about how wedding photography is in vogue. Just about anybody with a camera and a good eye for moments can be a wedding photographer, they say.

We agree and disagree!

To make good wedding pictures, you need a camera of course but it’s not necessary  that investing in a good camera will guarantee good pictures. Second, a good eye for moments doesn’t always translate to good pictures; you need technique, a vision, and the ability to execute. In short, wedding photography isn’t easy business. Far from it, actually. Why do we say that?

#1. It’s more than just photography

A professional wedding photographer does a lot more than just shooting. Business acumen, incredible interpersonal relationships with customers, a solid marketing and branding strategy, hours of effort strengthening the aforesaid skills in addition to photography—not to mention workflow management to deliver the pictures…it’s the whole shebang. Have you got it in you? Take a while and think about it.

#2. You will not be in control

The thing about Indian weddings…they have a life of their own. They start when they start, and proceed in a seemingly arbitrary manner. All your planning will come to naught for sure, and if you’re not an improvising kind of guy, you may not be able to survive in this business for long.

And, things happen so fast that you’re likely to miss important moments; not even your rockstar photography skills can save you. Like they say, you’ve got to think on your feet—just forget about the detailed timesheet your customers filled out. Nature runs like clockwork, not people. Honestly, it’ll be easier to shoot a hummingbird in flight.

#3. What you offer can make or break your career

It can be your price point at times. Sometimes, it can be your style—you know, abstract or fine art photography isn’t what everyone wants. Often times, they might even want more than you can offer—there are customers who’d want wedding videos that you may not have integrated into your portfolio. The list can go on.

There are more ways you can fail in wedding photography than you can make it to a point of steady but not entirely profitable business.

#4. The market is no less than a traffic jam

Look up wedding photographers on Google, or on Facebook. You’ll be gobsmacked. Although not statistically speaking, we guess there are more wedding photographers than people getting married. You can be the guy who takes pictures that might make it to publications, but it still will not guarantee you business. Simply because there is a crowd out there that will make visibility near impossible to achieve.

Well, persistence can help and if you’re willing to slug it out, you can make it work. That is no easy task!

#5. Physical fitness

Often understated and almost always never discussed, physical fitness will decide if your last photo of the day is as good as the first. Indian weddings sometimes can stretch beyond the horizon—a best case scenario of 3 days, and we’re not even talking worst case scenarios. That’s more hours than your body can possibly handle, and you’ll soon run out of steam and, most certainly, out of ideas.

So, the question is not how well can you do it, but how long can you go?

Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of you may have experienced worse—you may have quit or still persisting or you may have even beaten all odds to be a successful wedding photographer. We’d like to know if you still love shooting weddings. Talk to us.


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