5 common challenges you may face while shooting a wedding


Most weddings in reality aren’t picture perfect events where romance is ever-present. Just like every genre, wedding photography too has its own set of unique challenges. Here is a list of some of the most common challenges you might face at a wedding and how to work around them.

1) Other teams20150826-Nachappa_Shruthi-B003_Reception_2

Sometimes, the client might hire other teams for other services like video, traditional photography, etc. This leads to many problems like crowding around the client, photographers getting in each other’s frame, and so on.

You can completely avoid this problem by talking to your client beforehand and explaining to them the problems that will occur.

In the worst case, try co-ordinating with the other teams. Here are some tips to help you work with them.

  • Be friendly – Greet them when you arrive at the venue and exchange a bit of friendly conversation.
  • It’s not a competition – Don’t try to compete with them, instead try to work along with them.
  • Split time – Talk with them and come to an understanding how much time each gets to spend with the client, this will ensure both of you get good shots.
  • Instead of complaining try to take it up as a challenge.

2) Additional events

Indian wedding

Many a time, the client informs you of a new event that was not mentioned earlier, at the last moment. This can be due to a last minute plan by the client to add a new event like a mehendi or a client trying to take advantage by not mentioning it intentionally to make you shoot it for free. In the case of a kind client, go ahead and shoot it for free. If you don’t feel strongly in favor of shooting for any reason, don’t shoot it and stand your ground clearly stating that  it was not mentioned during the negotiation or you can say you are booked for that day and you can arrange someone else.

3) Bad lighting20150825-Nachappa_Shruthi_Traditional_Sangeeth_501

Certain venues won’t have sufficient lighting and as a result, your image quality will suffer. Don’t use this as an excuse and submit bad images. Take it up as a challenge and produce good images.
Here a few tips to get over this problem


20120227-Nithin-Akhila-Sangeet-A007_035Use an LED light and light up the subject.

Or use your speedlight and bounce the flash off the walls to light up the place. You can even use off-camera flash either on a stand or with the help of an assistant.


4) Decor lights
Many venues have coloured LED lights or disco lights that leave a purple or green colour cast on the subject which cannot be corrected during post-processing. Here are a few precautions to be taken to avoid this.


  • Talk to the decor guy and get him to limit the light only to the walls.
  • If that does not work out overpower the decorative lights using a video light or fill flash.

5) Nervous couple


Often the couple may be a bit shy and uncomfortable around each other. This awkwardness will show up in your pictures unless you do something about it. Take it upon yourself to get the most out of your couple. Here are a few tips to help you with an awkward couple:

  • Break the ice and get them to talk with each other.
  • Crack a few jokes to break the tension.
  • Remind them they are in the present and most importantly tell them to have fun.

And lastly, whatever happens keep calm and do your best.


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