10 Inspiring Fashion photographer from Chennai you should follow

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“You either know fashion or you don’t.” — Anna Wintour.
Fashion Photography is not only about the lighting or the model’s pose, it encompasses many aspects like hair, make-up, styling,etc. The best fashion photographs happen when all these aspects are aligned perfectly when the shutter is released. Here are ten amazing fashion photographers based out of the Chennai who you should follow.

1 ) Sharat Haskar

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Sharad Haksar is India’s most accomplished and acclaimed photographer with accolades from all over the world. A Cannes Silver Lion winner and a D&AD nominee, Sharad is the only Asian to snag a Gold, Silver, 2 Bronzes and 21 honorable mentions at the prestigious IPA Awards.



2 ) Venkat Ram

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Copyright of G Venkat Ram

Venket Ram is a commercial photographer based in Chennai. For over 18 years, he’s been working with various advertising agencies & publishing houses across India. He’s also been working with the film industry, shooting for the promos for over a hundred movies. He strives for perfection for every picture he shoots. He takes great care in composing each frame & pays great attention to detail.




3 ) Senthil Kumar

Copyright of Senthil Photography

Copyright of Senthil Photography


Senthil was born in in the industrial town of Coimbatore in South India. He studied applied art in the Government College of Arts and Crafts, one of the oldest art institutes in India. On completion of his Diploma, he began to work as the assistant of one of India’s preeminent photographers, Sudheer Ramachandran.


Six years later, he went independent and began shooting ads and assignments for Dell, Levi’s, Dockers, Toyota, Nike, Louis Philippe, Vodafone. Adidas, Johnson & Johnson, Himalaya and scores of other brands. His most recognized work was the ‘Hutch Network’ campaign which was recognized globally.




4) Karthik Srinivasan

Copyright of Karthik Srinivasan

Copyright of Karthik Srinivasan


Photographer Karthik Srinivasan, now a much talked about name in the advertising,fashion and celebrity scene, first grew an interest into the camera during his boyhood days at hometown Cumbum, which is a border town in Tamil Nadu, close to Kerala. The natural beauty of the landscapes around the young Karthik appealed to his photographic eye, and he used to shoot this natural beauty with his Pentax film camera at the time. After successfull stints as modelling and production, he is now a fashion photographer. He has shot celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Trisha, Kamal Hassan,etc and also for big brands like  Royal Challenge, Van Heusen, Basics, Genesis, Venfield, Samsung, HSBC, etc



5 ) Kapil Ganesh

Copyright of Kapil Ganesh

Copyright of Kapil Ganesh


Kapil Ganesh is a Fashion photographer based of out of Chennai and has been peering through a lens professionally for the past 10 years.




Copyright of Santhosh Raj

6 ) Santhosh raj

Santhosh Raj is a commercial and fashion photographer, traveler, nature enthusiast and die-hard dreamer. 

In his own words, Santhosh describes his style as Simplicity, mixed with intimacy, elegance and energy.





7)  Kunal Deswami


Copyright of Kunal Deswami




8) Bhagath Makka

Copyright of Bhagat Makka

Copyright of Bhagath Makka

Bhagath started his journey as a lens-lover in 2002. His remarkable skills in intuitive lighting and contemporary styling makes him a much sought-after name in soft-light portraiture and fashion photography. He learnt the tricks and techniques in his initial days from Kalyan Verma and he has been trained and mentored in fashion photography by none other than the world-renowned fashion photographer Alex Lim.






9) V S AnandaKrishna

Copyright of V S Anandhakrishnan

Copyright of V S Anandhakrishna


V.S.Anandhakrishna has been pursuing; to express himself creatively through photography by combining his BFA background. An avid lover of Salvardor Dali’s surrealistic art, Anand strives to create a surreal background to most of his personal projects. He was awarded the best photographer of the week by the noted istockphoto.com, the first photographer to be conferred from India. His works have been featured among top stock photo websites worldwide. With an eye of an artist and a penchant for unique frames, Anand has been slowly and steadily taking a lead in the world of commercial photography with many advertising and film clients to his kitty. His latest work on his calendar is also one such exceptional piece with a unique vision based on fantasy. Get set to be enthralled through his viewfinder!




10) Ganesh Toasty

Copyright of Ganesh Toasty

Copyright of Ganesh Toasty

Ganesh is a Professional fashion and commercial photographer from Chennai, India.

He specialized in advanced Professional photography assignments around People, Fashion, Glamour including advertising and editorials. Ganesh Blackpearl works with his unique sensitivity and creativity. His photographs capture emotions and elegance. Mixing drama and beauty in high fashion context is a key signature of his works. His style is without concessions, a tasty cocktail at the service of beauty and fashion.


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Main photo by V S AnandaKrishna.


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